Jenmarie is a bubbly and petite thirty-one year old who loves to laugh and always thinks shopping is a good idea. She has been happily married for nine years to the man of her dreams and loves all things Star Wars & Disney. You've stumbled upon her blog of fashion, beauty and lifestyle where she shares her outfits, reviews, beauty tips, favorite things, and inspirational pick-me-ups. Have a look around and send her a note if you wish!

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August & September Favorites: Disneyland Pass, BB5 Nanacoco Nail Polish & More!

It's October which means pumpkin-flavored treats are everywhere. The holidays are approaching so fast and it's exciting but also crazy because I almost feel like I just put our Christmas tree away. Before it begins to get a bit festive around here I wanted to take a look back at the last two months and share with you a few of my favorite things.

August & September Favorites: Sweet Apple Rings, BB5 Nanacoco Nail Polish & More!

August & September Favorites: Sweet Apple Rings, BB5 Nanacoco Nail Polish & More!

At the end of August Jason and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary. We spent the day at the beach and indulged ourselves with one of the most fantastic lunch meals at The Hunington Beach Beer Co.. We ate outside and had a beautiful view to bask in while eating our many yummies. I got the Mahi Mahi sandwich topped with pineapple, swiss cheese and teriyaki sauce (oh, so heavenly!) with a side of fries that had the perfect amount of crunch. Jason got the Catalina Clam Chowder bowl (which I forgot to photograph) but it was the best clam chowder we've ever had! I'm a big fan of the clam chowder bowls at Disneyland but believe it or not, this one topped it! We may have had some pretty tasty calamari beforehand too. We were celebrating, after all! Afterwards we went home and kicked it while watching the new Death Note film on Netflix. Let me tell you, it is way more graphic and dark than I expected it would be and there were a couple scenes I couldn't watch but overall we didn't think it was as bad as everyone said it was. It definitely kept us interested all the way through. The acting wasn't so great but that's ok because Ryuk was the actual best.

August & September Favorites: Sweet Apple Rings, BB5 Nanacoco Nail Polish & More!

If you don't know, apples are one of my absolute favorite foods. I love buying the organic options at Trader Joe's and eating them plain or with some Raw Organic Almond Butter. Mmm! Recently I decided to try the Unsulfured and Unsweeetened New Zealand Sweet Apple Rings at Trader Joe's and oh-my-goodness, they are tasty! They are also very soft and the texture is perfect. I've been buying them every week to include in Jason's lunch and for me to snack on. They've quickly become a staple in our home! What's your favorite fruit?

August & September Favorites: Sweet Apple Rings, BB5 Nanacoco Nail Polish & More!

The shade of this nail polish which I received from last month's Beauty Box 5 box was quite a welcome one. I probably have too many nail polishes but I definitely didn't own one in this color. #1 Fan (the unique name of this shade) is bright and cheery, it's easy to apply and even after two coats it dried super fast and lasted about a week. This wasn't my first time using a Nanacoco nail polish so I knew exactly what to expect. I'd definitely recommend this brand!

August & September Favorites: Sweet Apple Rings, BB5 Nanacoco Nail Polish & More!

I haven't been an Annual Passholder for over two years. I took a little break on purpose but in the last six months or so I've had some serious withdrawals. I didn't plan on getting a Disneyland pass again until Galaxy's Edge (Star Wars land) opens in 2019 but I didn't feel like I could wait any longer and my sweet husband also expressed that he wanted me to have one. I most definitely got teary eyed when I bought it online and couldn't stop hugging Jason. I'm still so thrilled and can't wait to have more Disney days!

A couple of posts ago I shared with you that I would soon be a guest on a Star Wars talk show called Black Series Rebels. That day finally arrived and the episode is now available to watch! If you're interested in learning more about me and my Star Wars story you can watch it above (I come in at 46:00).

Disclosure: The Nanacoco nail polish was sent to me by Beauty Box 5. All opinions are 100% my own.

Maple Holistics Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum Review

Maple Holistics Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum Review | Style Through Her Eyes

When I was approached by Maple Holistics, a cruelty free brand focused on natural beauty, about trying their Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum I accepted the opportunity straight away because I have been wanting to add another step in my nightly routine to help keep my skin looking as youthful as possible. I've had acne scars, dark spots and fine lines for a little while now and I would be lying to you if I told you they weren't bothering me.

Maple Holistics Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum Review | Style THrough Her Eyes

I've used this product every single night for about a week and a half and I can definitely see a difference in my skin. I've noticed it has looked much brighter and smoother over the last few days which has left me feeling even more confident after putting my make up on for the day. This recent photo I took at Disneyland, I feel, really shows how bright and smooth my skin looks. With that said, I haven't really noticed much change in my acne scars and fine lines diminishing. However this product seems to be mostly targeted towards brightening, tightening and smoothing the skin which I think it has absolutely done. I have heard of similar products also diminishing lines and clearing up acne as well as acne scarring and so I think I expected this one to do that as well. Besides that I think this serum has done it's job and I'm excited to see what my skin will look like in another week. It comes in a 1 fl. oz. glass bottle for $11.99 and is super quick and easy to apply. It doesn't smell particularly wonderful but it's not an overly potent scent and considering the fact that I put it on before I sleep, it doesn't really matter. If you're interested in trying this or any other product on their website I would encourage you to do so. Maple Holistics offers a 100% quality guarantee on their products meaning if you're for whatever reason not satisfied with your order they will exchange it for another of your choice or refund you the full amount of your purchase. You've got nothing to lose!

Maple Holistics also offers Free Samples so that you can try their various products at no cost.

Maple Holistics Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum Review | Style Through Her Eyes

I am thankful to have tried this product and I believe it was the little boost I needed to take that extra step in taking care of my skin. I'm going on thirty-two and I want to do everything I can to make sure I'm doing my part. Whoever thought that applying a serum with Vitamin C could make such a difference? I am also planning on purchasing this product by InstaNatural to compare it to. If you're interested, I will also write a review for that product along with a comparison to this one. Let me know in a comment below or send me a Tweet!

Disclosure: The Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum was sent to me by Maple Holistics. All opinions are 100% my own.

Trying New Things

Trying New Things | Style THrough Her Eyes

Hello lovelies! I know I accidentally took a bit of a hiatus but rather than getting into all of that I wanted to come to you with an inspirational post about trying new things. This year has been a challenging but wonderful one for me and it's been filled with new things all of which have occurred because I chose to say "Yes!". As you know, I struggle with anxiety and with that comes the fear of the unknown which includes things that I haven't done before and fear I won't be able to do or get through. With prayer and determination, I have done several new things at my own pace this year that I feel super proud of. Let's look over what some of those things are, shall we?


I'm a person who likes to be prepared and made aware of everything that may or may not happen, so when I was first asked to become a Co-Host on a Star Wars Podcast I didn't give my answer straight away. I had to think on it. Knowing that it was the closest I could get to a live recording gave me the terrible feeling of being on stage. I don't know why, but that's what I related it to. Some of the thoughts that went through my head were, "What if I don't know what to say?", "What if I don't sound as intellectual as everyone else?". I had several "What if" questions and was terrified when I first started but now six months later I can tell you it gets easier with each recording. I now look forward to recording with my team each week. We have a blast! If you're interested, you can read more about my Podcasting journey on the post I wrote for my other blog entitled, Podcasting With Anxiety.


This may seem silly to you, but it was a big deal for me simply because of the fact that it meant "change". I debated for a long time about whether or not to change my hairstyle. I finally did it back in May and wrote about my experience. It's been a fun new do to play with but I honestly miss my long hair. The good thing is, hair grows back and it's already grown so much since I've cut it. Overall I think this was a good step I took to get more comfortable with trying something new and I'm glad I did it.


This was HUGE! At almost every company I have worked for I have been offered a management position and always turned it down. One of the reasons was unfortunately because I didn't like what I witnessed on a day-to-day basis as far as how things were handled. Another reason was because it scared the heck out of me. I doubted my abilities to do several tasks even though I consistently showed that I was capable of many of those tasks by stepping up and taking matters into my own hands. But one day an opportunity was so clearly presented to me and I really felt God's hand in the situation. Without almost any hesitation, I said yes! I'm somehow a month into the new position already and it's going really well. I've done things I wasn't sure I would be good at and it feels great! So far, I'm happy and excited to see where it will take me.


I've been to concerts before but probably nothing as big as this. I was worried about many things: How loud it would be, being cold outside, if I'd have problems breathing from people smoking, how late I'd be up, etc. To prepare I ordered two different sets of ear plugs because my ears are super tiny and sensitive to having anything inside them. One pair ended up working better than the other though I did have to take ibuprofen because my ears hurt from having them in so long. I brought a good jacket, a beanie and a scarf to lift up to my face if I smelled anything unpleasant (this worked really well when needed). I ended up being up really late and to prepare for that I drank green tea during the day (before the concert), took extra vitamins at night and I took the day off after the concert and rested all day. I was in bed half of the day because I literally felt like crap but I ended up pulling through without getting sick! In case you couldn't tell, I'm a pretty sensitive being. Anyhow, I am SO happy I chose to go to the concert with my husband. Yes, there were a few times it was a bit loud even with my ear plugs in but it didn't last long and I was able to pull through. Overall, it was a great experience and I loved being able to share that with him. We've listened to Metallica since we were dating so it made it really special to see them play together for the first time and they played all of my favorite songs including "Nothing Else Matters and "Halo on Fire".


Say what!? I still can't believe it and it's coming up so fast! I am stoked to be doing this and thankfully way more excited than I am nervous. I think knowing who I'm going to be talking with really helps and the fact that we're talking about something I am so familiar with is a plus. The hosts who will be interviewing me have been nothing but super kind and accommodating which has really helped with the process of getting there. It's almost showtime! And yes, I will share the link with you once it's live.

There's five new things I have done this year that were totally new for me and that I'm feeling pretty fantastic about. If you've felt scared to try new things as I have (and still do), know that you can make little changes if you want to. You are stronger than you know!

May Favorites: e.l.f. Face Primer, Beauty Box 5 Box, & More!

My favorite things from last moth consist mostly of beauty items though I did go to a pretty awesome Star Wars event. But instead of writing all about that here I'll just direct you to my Star Wars Blog where I recently wrote an entire post about it. If you're also a fan, I think you'll enjoy it!

May Favorites: e.l.f. Face Primer, Beauty Box 5 Box, & More! | Style Through Her Eyes

My staple scent is a body mist from Victoria's Secret called Heavenly. I have used it for years and even had a few bottles stocked up in case they stopped making it. I'm not the only one who thinks situations like those are the worst, right? I finally ran went to pick up another bottle and it turns out it went through a redesign. This is always a good sign that a company is planning to keep a product around. I love this scent for it's light and feminine fragrance of white musk, sandal wood, vanilla and white peony. I get the 2.5 fl. oz. size for $15.00 which you can find here.

May Favorites: e.l.f. Face Primer, Beauty Box 5 Box, & More! | Style Through Her Eyes

A few months ago or so I noticed e.l.f. branched out and created a new range of items with a slightly higher ticket price that include makeup, skin care, etc. One of the things that stood out to me were the new face primers. I'm on my second bottle of their Poreless Face Primer and I really love it! It helps to create a smoother canvas for your foundation and better yet, it's infused with Tea Tree and Vitamins A & E. This is the smaller bottle you see here which is $6 but they also have a larger bottle for $10. Their other face primers cover all different skin types and needs including: Blemish Control, Hydrating, Brightening, Illuminating, Mineral Infused, and Tone Adjusting.

May Favorites: e.l.f. Face Primer, Beauty Box 5 Box, & More! | Style Through Her Eyes

Exfoliating is something I don't do enough of but I'm happy to say I've incorporated a bit more recently thanks to my Beauty Box 5 box! Included in the box was a cruelty-free Exfoliating Body Scrubber that has a little handle on it to make scrubbing in the shower easier! It's good for all skin types too! This little guy is only $5 and can be purchased from the Daily Concepts website or at an ULTA store near you.

May Favorites: e.l.f. Face Primer, Beauty Box 5 Box, & More! | Style Through Her Eyes

Let's break the beauty trend and talk about the last item on my favorites list - Vanilla and Blueberry Clusters with Flax Seed by the brand KIND. My husband and I are big fans of this brand (yay fr NON-GMO and ingredients you can understand!) and buy their Healthy Grain Bars on a weekly basis (our favorites are Cinnamon Oat, Vanilla Blueberry and Peanut Butter Berry). We hadn't tried their granola so I picked this one up at Target ($4.99) and oh my goodness is it yummy! Especially if you add some extra blueberries to the mix.

Have you tried or heard of any of these products I mentioned above? What new things were you love last month?

Disclosure: Exfoliating Body Scrubber was sent to me by Beauty Box 5. All opinions are 100% my own.

My ULTA Hair Salon Experience

My ULTA Hair Salon Experience | Style through Her Eyes

I've been going back and forth with the idea of a short layered haircut for a while now. I even asked my husband what he thought and he said I should! In fact, he suggested a much shorter haircut than what I went for. That's my adventurer for ya! One morning last week I woke up and just knew it was the day to do it! I'm a huge fan of ULTA and have had my hair cut and styled there a couple times over the course of my married life. Just recently I made an appointment for the same day I called at a newer location just around the corner from where I live. I didn't expect them to have an availability on such short notice so I guess you could say it was meant to be!

My ULTA Hair Salon Experience | Style through Her Eyes

I was greeted with an excited hair stylist who was eager to meet me and look at the photo I had brought for inspiration. She agreed that it would be a great cut for me and listened to my thoughts and concerns. Before we started she offered me water and then we chatted away. She told me she became a stylist because she wanted to make others feel good about themselves to which I couldn't help but "Aww!" over. Seriously, how touching? She took such great care in creating what I envisioned and as we got close to the finishing touches, she received my approval and then went on to make sure everything was as perfect as it could be and straightened my hair for free (normally a $10 charge). This not only helped with the extra texturizing and layering but it gave us a better idea of what it would look like (my hair is way too crazy after being blow dried!). Overall I had a wonderful experience and truly appreciated her passion in making me feel beautiful. We ended the appointment with smiles and hugs.

My hair has never had so much character! Although I will say long hair is still my favorite, this short cut has been a fun change and perfect for the warm months ahead. I am happy with how it looks straightened, twisted, and curled, all looks I have been achieving with my one inch Ultra CHI flat iron.

Haircuts at the ULTA Salon start at $39. You can find more information about the hair services they provide here.

When was the last time you drastically changed your look? Is there a haircut you've been wanting to try yourself?

April Favorites: Stranger Things, BB5 Box, & More!

Last month flew by as all months like to do now apparently. It makes it hard to stop and actually remember to jot down the things I'm loving each month but when I do, it makes me happy because I so enjoy sharing them with you. I think my favorite thing about last month would probably be finally watching Stranger Things on Netflix with my husband...

April Favorites: Stranger Things, BB5 Box, and More! | Style Through Her Eyes

I can not tell you how many people have suggested that we watch this series. I'm sure if you've watched it yourself it comes as no surprise to you since everyone seems to be obsessed with it. I was always interested but was also nervous about being scared. One day I decided to give it a shot and we watched three episodes in one sitting and completed the series in just a few days. We would have watched the eight episodes even sooner than that had work not been in the way :P Anyhow, I can say with the utmost certainty that it is one of my favorite series EVER. The acting, the visuals, and even the music is all top notch. The story is so good and while it can be quite intense, I actually did ok with it. I hid behind my hands a few times and there was one episode that made me a little anxious (though I didn't realize it until after it ended) but I am so happy I decided to give it a chance because it's beautifully made and definitely not as scary as I thought it would be. I was instantly hooked and felt like adopting Dustin during each episode. I think he just might be my favorite character!

April Favorites: Stranger Things, BB5 Box, and More! | Style Through Her Eyes

The theme of last month's Beauty Box 5 box was "Stay Golden" and it included a handful of shiny things some of which included a rose gold lash curler, gold bobby pins, and a lovely fan brush for highlighting. The fan brush is my favorite item from the box as I've never owned one (can you believe it!?) and found it so perfect to use for adding highlights on my cheeks because of its slightly curved edge.

April Favorites: Stranger Things, BB5 Box, and More! | Style Through Her Eyes

I've been loving this nail polish shade called Country Club Khaki by ORLY. It's a lovely nude-ish taupe color that's perfect for Spring. It looks great by itself or paired with another soft color. Although this was gifted to me, I hadn't purchased an ORLY nail polish in a while and I almost forgot what a breeze it is to apply. Their brushes really help prevent getting polish passed your nails. No one likes that mess.

April Favorites: Stranger Things, BB5 Box, and More! | Style Through Her Eyes

If you're a Star Wars fan and enjoy app games like Candy Crush, than Star Wars Puzzle droids is for you! This puzzle adventure game is The Force Awakens themed with a core focus on BB-8. My husband and I have both been playing and we can't stop! It's free on Android, iPad, and the iPhone so you should check it out. I love how the animations and sounds are so pleasant. It definitely helps to balance out some of the difficulty of the levels.

April Favorites: Stranger Things, BB5 Box, and More! | Style Through Her Eyes

Last but not least, I have a new quarterly series happening over on my Star Wars Blog called "Style Wars" where my friend Savanna and I will be styling geeky outfits around the same Star Wars fashion piece. The purpose of this series is to show females how differently you can style the same piece and instead of comparing who wore it best, we want to celebrate the different ways Star Wars pieces can be worn. You can see the first one here. The next one is due out in July!

Happy May everyone!

Disclosure: Some of these items were sent to me by Beauty Box 5. All opinions are 100% my own.


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