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Five Minute Friday: Share

Five Minute Friday: Share | Style Through Her Eyes

You know when someone asks you how you've been and you say "Good." or when they ask what you've been up to and you respond with "Not much."? I think, for a lot of people, those are just automatic answers. But we're not robots, and unless you don't feel like sharing much at a particular time or are convinced that you really haven't done anything recently worth noting, why not share more about ourselves? They're asking because they're care about you. Share why you have been good (or bad) and what's been going on in your life lately. Talk about your job, an accomplishment, the bargain you found at the mall recently, something funny your kids did or the awesome restaurant you and your loved one discovered. It's ok to share about ourselves. Sharing is very different from bragging. Just don't forget to ask about them in return :)

If writing for five minutes on Fridays intrigues you, find out more about this exciting Link Up here!

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5 Year Blogiversary & $25 ULTA Gift Card Giveaway!

5 Year Blogiversary & $25 ULTA Gift Card Giveaway! | Style Through Her Eyes

It's true, I've been blogging for five years and I can't even believe it! I am so excited and wanted to do a special giveaway for all my devoted readers, old and new. This gift card will be emailed to you so no matter what part of the world you live in, you can enter to win! One lucky reader will receive a $25 gift card to ULTA, one of my favorite places to shop! I love that I can find both drugstore and high end beauty products all in one place. Their sales are great, they always have coupons and if you're a rewards member, everything is twice as much fun as you'll get more perks. It's free to sign up too! This is my second year as a platinum member and let me tell you, it's so worth it!

Good luck everyone! The winner will be announced Wednesday, January 28th!

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Beauty Box 5: Coastal Scents

Beauty Box 5: Coastal Scents | Style Through Her Eyes

Beauty Box 5: Coastal Scents | Style Through Her Eyes
Vibrant Plum, Capri Blue, Vibrant Green, Solar Flare

Beauty Box 5: Coastal Scents | Style Through Her Eyes

I've always been curious about the Coastal Scents eye shadows so when I received four samples in this month's Beauty Box 5 box, I was very excited to try them! All four colors are extremely pigmented and definitely buildable. My favorite is the purple shade, Vibrant Plum, which lasted all day and night over my primer potion by Urban Decay. I was going for a softer look but as I mentioned above, you can definitely make it more vibrant looking. Before you say the Coastal Scents shades aren't for you, please note that they are not all this bold! They actually have all different shades, including some very lovely nude colors.

Have you tried Coastal Scents eye shadows before? If not, do you think you will in the future?

If you're interested in receiving five deluxe beauty samples yourself, you can sign up for your own box here. Be sure to use the code "FREEBOX1" at checkout to the get previous month's box for FREE!

Disclosure: The Coastal Scents eye shadows were sent to me by Beauty Box 5. All opinions are 100% my own.

Five Minute Friday: Send

Five Minute Friday: Send | Style Through Her Eyes

When I think of the word "send" I am reminded of texts and emails that I've sent in the past with hesitation, worrying if I was making the right choice, if I'd offend that person, or if it was the right time to talk about that subject. The thing is, once you hit that "send" button, it's done. You can't go back and edit or completely re-write it. It works the same way as making life choices. Once we make a choice, we can't go back. That choice becomes part of who we are. If it's not the right one, eventually things will work themselves out. But if it was the right choice, than we can give ourselves a pat on the back and thank God. I'm at a point right now where I need to make a choice and I'm finding it rather difficult. But in the end I know His will for me will be made clear.

Thanks so much for reading, friends! This was my first time participating in the Five Minute Friday Link Up. If writing for five minutes on a particular word on Fridays (and not being allowed to make any edits) intrigues you, find out more about it here!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Guys

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Guys | Style Through Her Eyes

Today marks exactly one month until Valentine's Day. If you're like me, you're already thinking about plans for the day and gift ideas for the man in your life. Sometimes guys can be hard to shop for, but if you take a minute to really think about the things he loves and what he enjoys doing, you're bound to come up with something. But just in case, here's a few things that work for all different age groups to get you inspired!

Some guys just really love a good ol' western. I've been told Clint Eastwood's are some of the best. This 4 Disc Set would be a great option for his collection of movies. Tip: Offer to watch one of the films with him! Guys love when you take interest in what they like.

Guys of all ages like video games. My husband is thirty-one and still loves to play games on his PS4. I actually enjoy playing two-player games with him too! If you're not sure which game your honey is wanting next, a Game Stop Gift Card would be a great choice!

Not all men are fashion forward, but if your guy is he'll love this Textured Knit Sweater from H&M. There's something about a sweater with a shawl collar that is so attractive. He'll love the attention you give him while wearing this too ;)

If your boyfriend or husband is a movie buff, Pass the Popcorn! is the perfect game for him! My husband and I actually own this game. It's great to play with a small group of people for some competitive movie trivia fun!

I got Jason a pair of slippers almost exactly like these for Christmas from Kohl's and he loves them! He says they are super warm and comfortable. If he doesn't have a robe, that would make a great addition to this gift as well!

What's your favorite item from this list?

Affordable Garment Bags & Why You Should Use Them

Affordable Garment Bags And Why You Should Use Them | Style Through Her Eyes

Affordable Garment Bags And Why You Should Use Them | Style Through Her Eyes

Affordable Garment Bags And Why You Should Use Them | Style Through Her Eyes

Once and a while I like to make a stop in the Dollar Tree to see what kinds of treasures I can find. One of the things they carry most of the time are garment bags. They come in a few different sizes and though they aren't made of super high quality material they definitely do the job! They can each hold about three pieces of clothing. If you add more than that it may cause the bag to rip (trust me, I've done this before!). I like to use them for my white pieces, dresses and delicate items. Jason has a few of his white shirts safely tucked away in these as well.

So, why should you use garment bags? Like I mentioned above, I keep my white clothing in garment bags to help preserve them. You all know how white tends to fade or turn that ugly yellow-ish color? A garment bag will help to make your whites last longer. Also, if you have any delicate items that you don't want brushing against other pieces, a garment bag will protect it from snagging on something. And last, but not least, garment bags protect your clothes from dust, moths and mildew. The less you wear an item, the more dust it's going to collect by just sitting openly in your closet. They are great for clothes you want to save but might not wear very often.

If you are in need of more heavy duty garment bags for traveling or more expensive pieces like suits or dresses, Target and Amazon are good places to start!



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