Jenmarie is a bubbly and petite thirty-year-old who loves to laugh and always thinks shopping is a good idea. She has been happily married for seven years to the man of her dreams and loves all things Star Wars & Disney. You've stumbled upon her blog of fashion, beauty and lifestyle where she shares her outfits, reviews, beauty tips, favorite things, and inspirational pick-me-ups. Have a look around and send her a note if you wish!

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Wedding Invitations with Basic Invite

Wedding Invitations with Basic Invite

My little brother got married to his Princess last weekend, and yes, they actually rode in a carriage. It was extraordinary! They put together a subtle Cinderella theme with a vintage touch and were sure to capture the beauty of that aspect in their invitations (as seen above). I personally feel that the invitations to the most important day of your life should either represent the overall theme or compliment it accordingly that way everything coordinates together beautifully. Invites, after all, are a rather important part of wedding planning!

Wedding Invitations with Basic Invite

Wedding Invitations with Basic Invite

Basic Invite is the perfect place (and quite user-friendly if I might add) for not only creating wedding invitations but also birth announcements, Christmas cards, and more! Their products are instantly pre-viewable so you can be sure you're getting exactly what you want after choosing from thousands of different themes and layouts, over 160 color combinations, and over 100 fonts! Oh, and if you happen to be Photoshop savvy, you even have the option of uploading your own design and they'll take care of the rest! Simple, right? Their prices are quite reasonable too, starting at under $1.00 per invite, card, or what have you. As an added bonus, most card orders come with free peel and seal envelopes as well.

Wedding Invitations with Basic Invite

Still unsure if Basic Invite is for you? You can create a customized sample which will be sent directly to you for a small fee. This packet will also include samples of each of their various cardstocks and swatches of all their color choices. Lastly, they provide a Love It Guarantee which is just what the groom and bride need during their exciting but busy adventures leading up to the wedding.

If you or someone you know is getting married, let them know about Basic Invite and be sure to keep them in mind for future special dates ahead!

Disclaimer: This post was a collaboration with BasicInvite.com. All opinions are 100% my own.

Beauty Box Five: Happy Hair Turban Review

Beauty Box Five: Happy Hair Turban Review | Style through Her Eyes

Everyone knows the experience of feeling like your head weighs a thousand pounds with a large full body towel wrapped tightly around your wet hair. Thankfully, I don't have to deal with weight, balancing, or having to re-wrap anymore because the makers of the Happy Hands Gloves and the Happy Face Cloth have created the Happy Hair Turban! Like their other products, the Happy Hair Turban is eco friendly and machine washable! It's super light weight, making it comfortable to wear, and it soaks up more water from your hair better than the average towel does. Plus, it's super easy to use and has a small elastic loop to bring the end of the turban forward after twisting it around your hair to hold in place! I just love it!

Beauty Box Five: Happy Hair Turban Review | Style through Her Eyes

The Happy Hair Turban was sent to subscribers of the Beauty Box 5 box in September's box and will soon be available to purchase for $18! Be sure to follow the Shop Happy Products Facebook and website for updates and to shop their other products! I reviewed their Happy Face Makeup Cleansing cloth last October if you're interested in hearing more about it!

What sort of towel do you use to soak up the excess water from your hair?

Disclosure: The Happy Hair Turban was sent to me by Beauty Box 5. All opinions are 100% my own.

3 Beauty Products You Should Try

3 Beauty Products You Should Try | Style through Her Eyes

Well, hello there! I have a few beauty products that I have been using long enough to be able to review and recommend them to you. And so today we are going to look at a product for your nails, lips and eyebrows! Above I am wearing one of my favorite lipsticks while rocking some serious brows. Yep, I said it. Read on to find out more!

3 Beauty Products You Should Try | Style through Her Eyes

It finally happened. I was tired of having to spend endless minutes per finger removing glitter nail polish (or more than one coat of longwear nail polish). So, I picked up the Regular Instant Nail Polish Remover ($3.99) from ULTA and oh-my-goodness! Never in my life have I seen any product remove nail polish quicker than this! All you do is stick your finger in the sponge, swish it around a few seconds, and you're done! It even comes with a handy "tonail dauber". It's not as fancy as it sounds, but it does work really well on your toes too! While I am not planning to constantly use this product, because it does contain acetone, it is great for when you truly are having a tough time or are in a rush! After using it, I wash my hands in warm soap and water and apply lotion so that it doesn't dry my skin out.

3 Beauty Products You Should Try | Style through Her Eyes

Essence is a cruelty free brand with quality makeup that is extremely affordable. I have been using their Waterproof Eyeliner Pen and Sun Club Matte Bronzer for a while now and absolutely love both of them! I decided to try one of their Longlasting Lipsticks in the shade Wear Berries for just $2.99. I'd say it lasts as long as any regular lipstick would, it's comfortable to wear, and the pigment is gorgeous! I'd highly recommend looking into products from this brand!

3 Beauty Products You Should Try | Style through Her Eyes

I used to use the e.l.f Eyebrow Kit for the longest time but after trying the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer several months ago, there's no way I could ever go back. The forumula is fabulous and buildable, it's perfectly shaped to make outlining and filling your brows a breeze, and it comes with a brush on the other end to create a softer look. This triangular brow pencil comes in ten different shades (I use Medium Brown for reference) and costs $23.00. It is on the pricier side but it lasts a good while and is worth every single penny.

Tell me, what beauty products have been at the top of your list lately?

Beauty Box 5: Simple Night In

Beauty Box 5: Simple Night In | Style through Her Eyes
As much as I love face masks, I haven't used them much at all this year. Though I prefer to apply masks myself, I also enjoy the single use masks even if they're much too large for my little face (you can fold them in specific areas to create a better fit). One of the full size products in this month's Beauty Box 5 was the Retinal Spa Treatment Mask by Global Beauty Care which you can find at places like Bed Bath & Beyond or ULTA. This mask helps to minimize expression lines and wrinkles, boost cell renewal and delay the effects of skin aging.

Beauty Box 5: Simple Night In | Style through Her Eyes

Beauty Box 5: Simple Night In | Style through Her Eyes

Beauty Box 5: Simple Night In | Style through Her Eyes

This mask was extremely moisturized and had a very light cooling effect. While wearing the mask for twenty minutes, I made some decaffeinated green tea, got all snuggly in bed with my Disney Castle blanket and dove into Psalms. Afterwards, I removed the mask and washed off the excess serum. My face felt refreshed and perfectly smooth! I think these few simple steps create a relaxing night in to help yourself unwind before you call it a day. Just make sure you're not staring at a screen for too long and right before you sleep. Our phones, computers, and TVs all emit blue light which causes eye strain, macular degeneration, and sleep disruption. I'd highly recommend getting the Twilight app for your phone which is basically a blue light filter. I actually keep it on all day on my phone and computer! Of course, you can also opt for the old fashioned way and grab a book! ;)

How often do you use a face mask and what do you like to do to unwind for the night?

Disclosure: The face mask mentioned in this post was sent to me by Beauty Box 5. All opinions are 100% my own.

3 Reasons To Talk About Anxiety & Depression

3 Reasons To Talk About Anxiety And Depression | Style through Her Eyes

The other day I felt sluggish and overwhelmed by anxiety. It was getting close to the end of the day and I didn't feel like I did much of anything because of the mental state I was in. I was beginning to feel depressed and wanted only to sit in bed but I really didn't want to let it get the best of me! Right when I was thinking that I needed to do something, my sister sent me a text and told me she went through all my posts under the "Inspiration" tab and said that they made her feel happy. Hearing how my posts helped to lift her spirits actually motivated me. It was then that I realized I hadn't written a post that would fall under that category in a while and I decided to remedy that! Distracting myself from negative thoughts and feelings is one way I like to try to keep my anxiety under control and what better way to do that than to write a post to hopefully encourage other people?

Let's look at three different reasons that I personally think it's good to talk about anxiety and depression.


When I first shared with you about having anxiety, I found it to be very therapeutic. And since revealing that part of myself, I have continued to find writing about anxiety and depression very calming and relieving. There have been studies that explain that writing itself has shown improvements in both physical and psychological health, and I definitely can see how that's possible. I think, especially, if you're not ready to talk about anxiety, depression or whatever else it is that you have or are currently struggling with in a face-to-face conversation, writing is the perfect way to start! If you've never done this before, take baby steps and write prayers to God, journal, or create poems or songs. It truly helps with sorting out your thoughts and feelings and eventually, you just may feel comfortable enough to share with others, which leads me into my next reason to talk about it...


I never thought that incorporating posts about the things I struggle with along with my own personal tips would inspire other people as much as they have. Whether you're a blogger, YouTuber, or you're strictly just on Facebook or another social media platform, you have a voice and a following. It doesn't matter if that following is small or large, that one post, video, or message that you put out there could change someone's day and continue to encourage and inspire them for a long time to come. There are so many people in this world who need to hear from you so they know they're not alone. Speaking of which...


I recently thought about how anxiety and depression has become a much more common topic of discussion. People who we follow online and those we converse with offline are talking about it more and more. I think it's a wonderful thing because it is good for us to be able to talk about our struggles when we feel safe and want to, but it's also good for other people who don't experience these things because they're able to learn about what it's like and what it is we go through. It's not fun being in the dark and not being aware of how you can be supportive of someone else. We need to communicate! So, continue to raise awareness either by beginning to talk about it yourself, sharing articles, videos, your favorite Bible verses, pins from Pinterest, etc! Let's continue to raise awareness together!

Have you tried writing about how you feel? Have you shared with someone else? What were the results?

Beauty Box 5: Rose Gold Beauty Tools

Rose gold is a divine color that so many people crave in many areas of their life. You can find this on-trend shade in several fashion and home departments, and even beauty departments. Because who says the tools you use to get ready for the day can't be pretty?

Beauty Box 5: Rose Gold Beauty Tools | Style through Her Eyes

As much as I love rose gold, I own next to nothing in that shade. But that problem slightly changed when Beauty Box 5 sent me a couple of super chic beauty tools of my own. Now, plucking my eyebrows can be somewhat glamorous. Right? This tweezer and mirror set is coming to Sweep Beauty real soon!

If you're interested in your own rose gold essentials, here's a few I spotted online that you might be interested in.

Beauty Box 5: Rose Gold Beauty Tools | Style through Her Eyes
Real Techniques Bold Metals 300 Tapered Blush Brush | $18.99 | ULTA
*The Real Techniques brushes are my favorite! Their Bold Metals collection includes other brushes in rose gold as well!

Beauty Box 5: Rose Gold Beauty Tools | Style through Her Eyes
LUXE Studio Rose Gold Collection Eyelash Curler | $6.97 | Wal Mart

Beauty Box 5: Rose Gold Beauty Tools | Style through Her Eyes
LUXE Studio Rose Gold Collection Deluxe Tweezers Duo | $5.11 | Wal Mart

You can get five deluxe samples and full sized products every month from BB5 too! If you sign up by July 30th, you'll receive a free eyeshadow in your box! Click here to sign up!

Disclosure: The products mentioned above were sent to me by Beauty Box 5. All opinions are 100% my own.



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