Jenmarie is a bubbly woman in her late twenties who loves to laugh and always thinks shopping is a good idea. She has been happily married for seven years to the man of her dreams and loves anything Star Wars and Disney. You've stumbled upon her blog of fashion, beauty and lifestyle where she shares her outfits, reviews, beauty tips, favorite things, and inspirational pick-me-ups. Have a look around and send her a note if you wish.
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Beauty Box 5: November Box & Giveaway!

Beauty Box 5: November Box & Giveaway! | Style Through Her Eyes

This month's Beauty Box 5 box was all about the basics, which we all need of course! My favorite item was the natural and cruelty-free moisturizer by LA Fresh. It has a very light scent and it's a great sample-sized product that I'm still getting a lot of use out of. Also included was a Facial Mask, a lipstick that matches your mood by Mood Matcher, two sets of refreshing Altcheck MD Eye Gel Pads, and a vegan blush/lip cream by The All Natural Face. Talk about feeling pampered!

If you're interested in trying the same products I received, I have good news! I have an extra set to give to one of you! Use the widget below to enter the giveaway!

Please Note: This Giveaway is for those who have a U.S. address only. It will end on November 30th and the winner will be announced on Twitter.

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For just $12 a month, you can receive five free beauty samples like these too! Sign up for your own box here!

Disclosure: The products mentioned above were sent to me by Beauty Box 5. All opinions are 100% my own.

My Favorite Instagram Accounts

I think it's safe to say that most of us here have Instagram. But the one thing we don't all have are the same list of users we are following which is why I decided to share with you five of my favorites. Do you also follow any of my recommendations? I would love for you to share with me yours in a comment below!

My Favorite Instagram Accounts | Style Through Her Eyes
(Right image blurred for possible TFA movie spoilers)


Daisy Ridley is basically one of my new favorite people. In case you are unaware, she is one of the new faces in the next Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. Her personality is extraordinary and it shines through the photos and videos she posts on her Instagram. I've never seen any actor so excited and passionate about a film they're a part of (she happens to be a fan as well!). She's also just way too adorable and hilarious and most everything she writes cracks me up! Her overuse of emojis kills me!

My Favorite Instagram Accounts | Style Through Her Eyes


Zoella has been my favorite YouTuber for some time now. So, needless to say, I follow her on all her social media platforms. She's very real about her struggles with anxiety, she's super sweet, and I just adore her style, beauty, food and decor posts. Plus, she's from the UK so she has the most lovely accent!

My Favorite Instagram Accounts | Style Through Her Eyes


I first started following Angelic's blog earlier this year after reading one of her many Disney posts. She loves so many of the same things I do, including the thrill of opening boxes not knowing what collectible figure you'll find inside! Her Instagram consists of cute things which includes most things Disney and her precious dog, Loki.

My Favorite Instagram Accounts | Style Through Her Eyes


This app was designed by Proverbs 31 Ministries with the intention to remind us to give God the first moments of our day. You'll find daily verses and inspirational quotes on their Instagram, which is always wonderful to see on my feed! If you feel the need to be encouraged and need more positivity in your life, definitely check them out!

My Favorite Instagram Accounts | Style Through Her Eyes


This Instagram account features the adorable new BB-8 droid in the The Force Awakens and his adventures at Disneyland. Photographer Doug Williams takes his Funko Pop figurine and documents his adventures around the park in a very creative way. I am always excited to see the newest photo! If you're interested, I did an interview with Doug on my Star Wars blog, here.

I'll conclude this post with some good news! My Downton Abbey-esque Hair Tutorial was featured on the Independant Fashion Blogger's Links à la Mode! I would love for you to check it out if you haven't yet!

Links à la Mode, November 5
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New Disney Fashion Collections

Last week I stumbled upon three new and unique Disney collections from different brands centering around Alice in Wonderland, Bambi, and Beauty and the Beast. I know a lot of my followers are Disney fans as well so I had to share this exciting news with you! I love discovering new collections that represent one of my favorite fandoms, don't you?

New Disney Fashion Collections

Domo Arigato Garden Packrat ($348) | This Way Double Ring ($68)

Marc Jacobs collaborated with Disney to create a modern and quirky accessories line inspired by Alice in Wonderland. There are pieces that are more subtle and others that scream "I'm a FAN!", so there's absolutely something for everyone. I first discovered the collection through Disney Style where they shared their top picks including adorable pouches, iPhone cases, and the "talking flowers scene" printed on a scarf, some of which no longer seem to be available to buy. The collection is quite pricey but the items still seem to be going fast!

You can shop the full collection, here.

New Disney Fashion Collections

Thumper Graphic Sweatshirt ($36) | Quote Sweatshirt ($36)

Lauren Conrad has previously created Cinderella and Minnie Mouse collections and her latest, which is now available at Kohl's, is Bambi! I love how unexpected the collection is. As always, her clothing is just as soft and feminine as ever! The prices above reflect the current sale price but I'm sure there will be another price drop soon, plus don't forget that you can use coupons!

You can shop the full collection, here.

New Disney Fashion Collections

Tale As Old As Time Onepiece | Enchanted Rose Cardigan

Don't set your heart on these Beauty and the Beast pieces because they're only sold in Japan by a brand called Secret Honey by Honey Bunch. Apparently they are very expensive and super hard to get unless you know someone who does pickups or you get lucky on eBay where they're listed for about $300 each. Why is Japan always so lucky to get the super cute and elegant merchandise?

You can browse all of Secret Honey's Disney collections, here.

What do you think of these new Disney collections? Which is your favorite?

Downton Abbey-esque Hair Tutorial

Downton Abbey-esque Hair Tutorial | Style Through Her Eyes

I have long and very thick hair so often times even a low ponytail will trigger a small headache which is why you normally see my hair down in most photos. It's my favorite way to wear my hair, thank goodness, but one day I felt like trying something different. I remembered a simple but super cute updo I had seen online somewhere and although I didn't end up finding it I was able to pull it off by memory. I can't take credit for this tutorial but I hope that you find it fun and freeing! Oh, and if you're wondering, I went headache free with this stylish updo.

Downton Abbey-esque Hair Tutorial | Style Through Her Eyes

Second or third day hair (as long as it's not in need of a wash) will work best for this look. If your hair is looking a bit flat on top you can always tease it or add some dry shampoo to give it more volume. I also like to smooth away any frizz with styling cream. The one I used by Nexxus seems to be discontinued but John Frieda also has good options.

Downton Abbey-esque Hair Tutorial | Style Through Her Eyes

Choose your headband of choice and place it on the top of your head. I find this style works best with a thicker band. This one is soft and stretchy which will help to prevent headaches. Score!

Downton Abbey-esque Hair Tutorial | Style Through Her Eyes

I separate my hair into sections about this thick to prep it for folding over and under the headband. In total I probably separate about 7 sections of hair.

Downton Abbey-esque Hair Tutorial | Style Through Her Eyes

Before I wrap my hair over and under the headband, I fold the section of hair in half to make it easier to wrap around.

Downton Abbey-esque Hair Tutorial | Style Through Her Eyes

Now it's time for the wrapping around! There's no need to try and make it perfect, it's all about being quick with a result that looks effortless. Be sure to secure the sections with bobby pins (focusing especially on the middle and sides of your head) and hairspray of your choice!

Downton Abbey-esque Hair Tutorial | Style Through Her Eyes

Downton Abbey-esque Hair Tutorial | Style Through Her Eyes

The results are a beautiful and breezy updo. The fun part is, it will turn out slightly different each time you do it, especially when you have different textures to work with (ex: wavy, curly or straight). I've worn my hair like this a few times already and each time I've received several compliments leaving women inspired to try it themselves. It also reminded them of Downton Abbey and even Snow White!

What do you think? Will you try this easy updo yourself?

Beauty Box 5: Happy Face Review

Beauty Box 5: Happy Face Review

Beauty Box 5: Happy Face Review

Beauty Box 5: Happy Face Review
(I used the Happy Face Cloth on the left side of my face only for comparison)

Beauty Box 5: Happy Face Review

Beauty Box 5: Happy Face Review

Happy Hands, which is known for their UV Protection Nail Glove, chose to partner with Beauty Box 5 to launch their brand new product, Happy Face! Everyone who is currently subscribed received one in this month's box! So, what is Happy Face? It's the softest makeup cleansing cloth that you will ever come across. It's eco friendly and machine washable which means you can use it over and over again and all you have to do is run it under water! What a brilliant idea, right? I tried it out at the end of the day on one of my eyes and as you can see, it completely wiped everything away. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, concealer, eyebrow pencil/gel, you name it! I was wearing waterproof mascara at the time and it didn't quite remove it all but I ended up adding some eye makeup remover to the cloth itself and it removed the mascara wonderfully. This is going to save everyone a lot of money and I'm really excited to continue to use it. Happy Face isn't available yet, but rest assured I will let you know when it is! The retail value is just $8.50 so you'll want to snatch at least a couple of these up once they become available. In the mean time, you can follow Happy Hands on their Facebook page for updates!

UPDATE: The Happy Face Cloth is available for a limited time at a discounted price of just $3.99! Order yours here!

What do you think of Happy Face? Would you be interested in trying it yourself?


Disclosure: The Happy Face Cloth was sent to me by Beauty Box 5. All opinions are 100% my own.

Brighton Collectibles Stevie Tote Bag Review

What I Wore

Top: H&M (Similiar)
Skirt: WHBM (Similiar)
Tights: Target
Flats: C/O Born
Aviators: C/O Sunglasses Shop
Belt: Brighton Collectibles
Bracelets: Brighton Collectibles
Stevie Tote: Brighton Collectibles

*You can also see how I wore this tote during our trip in Maui and in my recent outfit on my Star Wars Blog. The Stevie tote is versatile and can be worn with many different outfits!

The Stevie Everywhere Tote Bag from Brighton Collectibles is one of my favorite bags I have ever owned, and I don't say that just because I work for the company. It took me a long time to decide which bag would be the right one for me but in the end I found myself continuously going back to this one. I've always gravitated towards larger bags, which everyone finds amusing since I'm just a few inches over five feet tall, but this not-so-little guy and I just understood each other. It may be large but it's not as heavy as other bags its size due to the micro-fiber material which is very light. The straps are also nice and thick which makes my shoulder quite happy. One of the features I love most about the Stevie bag is the organization factor. It has nine pockets altogether on the outside and inside! The long outside pockets on the front and back are wonderful because they have strong magnetic snap closures making it safe and durable while still being able to get to things easily. The inside has two pockets, both which are large enough to fit my Android phone. There are also three zipper pockets inside, one of them also being a divider that's padded in case you wanted to bring along an iPad or Kindle (I just like to stick my daily planner inside). And if you tend to lose your keys, there's a nifty little key holder inside too. Stevie is also great for traveling. I brought it with me on our trip to Maui and it carried everything I could possibly need on the plane (and on the island). I could rest assured knowing nothing would fall out of it with its zip-top closure and its specially placed feet on the bottom. As you can see, it's a well structured bag with extra security features, which I appreciate.

As I mentioned above, the bag is made of mostly microfiber along with minimal patent leather for the trim and straps. The silver ornamentation is also a nice touch to give the bag a little extra character. The bag costs $260.00 and comes with a 1 year warranty. Most companies don't offer any kind of warranty on their handbags, but Brighton does and they'll get it back to you within three weeks. You'll even receive a special "Thank You" gift in the mail to go along with your new purchase. The Stevie comes in Black, Concrete (a brownish-tan color), and Ink (Navy Blue) and is ready to be your new best friend! You can find more information and many more photos of this bag on the Brighton website.

I'm not the only one who raves about this bag either! There are several others who have reviewed the Stevie Tote here. Notice the multiple 5-heart reviews ;)

Have you purchased a Brighton bag before? Do you think you would you consider one in the future?