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My First MAC Lipstick: Candy Yum-Yum

My First MAC Lipstick | Style Through Her Eyes

My First MAC Lipstick | Style Through Her Eyes

My First MAC Lipstick | Style Through Her Eyes

My First MAC Lipstick | Style Through Her Eyes

My First MAC Lipstick | Style Through Her Eyes

My First MAC Lipstick | Style Through Her Eyes

My First MAC Lipstick | Style Through Her Eyes
(Outdoor appearance)

My First MAC Lipstick | Style Through Her Eyes
(Indoor appearance)

It's true. I've never owned a MAC Lipstick until this week when the one I've been eyeing for a while, Candy Yum-Yum, finally arrived in the mail. I just LOVE this color! It's like a Barbie pink that is bright and extremely pigmented, unlike any of the other pink lip products I own. It smells like candied vanilla and is a lovely matte shade. I'm not the biggest fan of matte lipsticks but I just had to own this shade. The only complaint I do have about any matte lipsticks is that if your lips or dry or flakey, a matte lipstick honestly isn't going to look its best and may make your dry lips appear to be worse. Definitely make sure you use a lip scrub and keep your lips moisturized with a good balm prior to using one. Anyhow, I wore this shade all day to test its wearability and after eating lunch it barely looked like any of the product came off. I applied just a bit more before work and it held up throughout the night. I even woke up this morning with the slightest natural pink stained lips. Now, that's a good lipstick!

Do you own any MAC lipsticks? If so, which would you recommend? I'm definitely interested in trying another one with maybe a satin consistency.

Twinkle & Shine

Twinkle and Shine | Style Through Her Eyes

Twinkle and Shine | Style Through Her Eyes

Twinkle and Shine | Style Through Her Eyes

Twinkle and Shine | Style Through Her Eyes

Twinkle and Shine | Style Through Her Eyes

What I Wore

Top: H&M
Cardigan: Thrifted - American Eagle
Knit Jeggings: American Eagle
Itsy Bitsy Necklace: Kohl's
Sunglasses: Cotton On (Similiar)
BP Boots: Nordstrom

I'm unsure if one of the reasons I like stars is because of my love for Star Wars but I'd definitely like to think so. I just love how they twinkle and shine and I think they're a great reminder to be a light in this dark world we live in. Therefore I sometimes find myself drawn to subtle star prints. I found this white chiffon blouse covered in tiny little stars last week at H&M (they're having a killer sale btw!). I paired it with my olive green knit jeggings from American Eagle, and a recent thrifted American Eagle cardigan along with my new boots from Nordstrom. Originally I had wanted a traditional boot but didn't find a pair that suited my feet. Hopefully I'll come across a pair soon but for now I'm super thankful to have these as I needed a new pair of close-toed shoes. The more I wear them the more comfortable they become so I've been wearing them with everything lately. I am happy with how this outfit turned out and I think the top will be great for wearing in the Summer as well. I'm absolutely one of those people who wears white throughout the year. If Rachel Zoe says it's ok, than there's no argument ;)

My 3 Favorite Christmas Movies

Never before have I done several Christmas themed posts on SHE. I do have some fashion and beauty posts coming up this month but in the mean time I hope you don't mind the slight change. I just love Christmas and really wanted to incorporate more holiday content this season. Today I am sharing my three favorite Christmas movies. I tried not to think about it too much and just made a quick list. These were the three that I couldn't get out of my head.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer, Holiday Movies | Style Through Her Eyes

This is hands down my all time favorite Christmas movie. I have such fond memories of watching this as a child with my family in our cozy apartment. It would come on the television late at night and my parents would always let us stay up to watch it. We usually would prepare popcorn and home made rice krispies treats beforehand to enjoy during the movie. The characters are so lovable and cute, though I was quite scared of the Bumble back then. I think his theme music played a big part in it because he really was just a silly guy! The songs are also so wonderful and cheery. Burl Ives is the voice of Sam the Snowman who narrates the story and he sings many of the songs which I'm obsessed with. I could sing them all the time!

Elf, Holiday Movies | Style Through Her Eyes

I'm not the biggest fan of comedies but there are a few that I just love. This is one of them! I appreciate a good clean comedy, it proves you don't have to be vulgar to be funny. Will Ferrell is absolutely hilarious as Buddy the Elf. He truly believes he is one of Santa's elves but after finding out he was adopted into the Santa family, he goes on a search to reconnect with his real father, a business man in New York City. You just have to watch it to find out what happens! It's brilliant!

Little Women
Little Women, Holiday Movies | Style Through Her Eyes

This isn't exactly a Christmas movie but part of the movie does take place during Christmas and it's done in such a way that, to me, places it under the holiday movie category. It's hard to explain. It just has that very warm and welcoming vibe that you would expect to see in a traditional Christmas movie. Little Women is such a classic story and everything about it is so real and enjoyable to watch. Plus, the music in this movie is absolutely beautiful! I own the soundtrack and listen to it often. I've been a fan of the story since I was a young girl and own three different versions of the film. My favorite would definitely the 1994 version, with Winona Ryder as Josephine March and Christian Bale as Laurie.

Now that I've shared my favorites, I'm interested in knowing yours! Please share them with me in a comment below!

Audible: Books for Everyone & Giveaway!

Audible: Books for Everyone & Giveaway! | Style Through Her Eyes
Audible exists to make your life a little easier and more relaxing by allowing you to listen to books rather than read them. When you're stuck in traffic (the Audible App allows you to listen to your book anywhere you go!) or feel like lying on the couch under a blanket and being read to, Audible is the perfect solution! Audible has something for everyone of all ages with over 150,000 books to choose from. Here are a few of my picks.

Audible: Books for Everyone | Style Through Her Eyes

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was my favorite Christmas story growing up and still is to this day. Imagine baking a special Christmas treat with your little one while listening to this classic tale. How much more magical the experience would be!

Audible: Books for Everyone & Giveaway! | Style Through Her Eyes

2015 is just under a month away. Do you have a New Year's Resolution written out? What about goals? If you're a new blogger or one who wants to better their blog next year than The Ultimate Guide to Blogging is just the book for you! It covers topics like how to start a blog, promote your blog and how to make money blogging. Get yourself inspired and ready to take action!

Audible: Books for Everyone & Giveaway! | Style Through Her Eyes

Speaking of the New Year, perhaps you already have a trip or two in mind? Even if you're unsure of the adventures you'll have, packing tips are always helpful especially if you're one to pack last minute. I am one for clean and organized suitcases! Frommer's Top Travel Secrets: Packing provides quick and easy tips on packing in just seven minutes!

When you sign up for a subscription with Audible your first month is free (including one free book!) and then just $14.95 for one book per month. Plus, as a member you will also have 30% off towards additional books. There are coupons you can use for signing up as well which brings the cost down to half the price (just $7.49!) as a member for the first three months. This would definitely make a wonderful Christmas gift!

And now for the giveaway! I've teamed up with several other fabulous bloggers along with Audible to provide one of our U.S readers with a $200 Amazon gift card! The giveaway ends December 12th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck to everyone who enters!

Disclaimer: This post was a collaboration with Audible.com. All opinions are 100% my own.

Give Beads for Health

Give Beads for Health | Style Through Her Eyes

Give Beads for Health | Style Through Her Eyes

The African Youth Development and Health Foundation is a non-profit organization which helps to improve youth health care and education. In 1997, after an American trained doctor visited Ghana in West Africa, it was evident to them that there was a need for an improved health care delivery system where no one would be turned away from immediate care. They now have a fifty bed hospital which is open twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week ran by several doctors and nurses. They also have a youth group being educated in becoming health aids and in computer literacy. Most of them are the sole providers for their families so helping them to sell their fair trade allows them to learn to make a better living for themselves.

Give Beads for Health | Style Through Her Eyes

Give Beads for Health | Style Through Her Eyes

AYD&H has different projects which aid in supporting Ghana and the youth there as well helping people locally in the Inland Empire. One of their projects, Give Beads For Health, is an Etsy shop ran by Mavis. All of the jewelry and accessories are being sold to help keep their hospital doors open and support the families there in Ghana. Their items are crafted with beads called Krobo beads which are made from recycled glass bottles as well as other glass items. They carefully grind them and add a ceramic dye to the powder to create different colors and then place them into a mold to be baked in a handmade kiln (a thermally insulated chamber which is a type of oven).

This bracelet from their shop is an amazing work of art and is one of a kind item which makes it even more beautiful. I have also seen some of their other items in person including a couple of their purses and keychains which are so lovely!

Besides their Etsy shop, you can also support AYD&H by making a donation and keeping up-to-date with them on their Facebook page.

Disclosure: This post was a collaboration with AYD&H. All opinions are 100% my own.

How To Have A Happy Holiday

How To Have A Happy Holiday | Style Through Her Eyes

As we move forward into the Christmas season we should continue to reflect on everything God has given and done for us. It's a time of celebration but sadly the warm feelings and kind words that were exchanged on Thanksgiving seem to be forgotten all too soon. The hype of Black Friday so easily distracts people and unfortunately brings out aggressive behavior on the roads and in the stores, rudeness towards others and greed. If we're not careful it can become a regular thing throughout the month. I see and hear of a lot of family drama, stress, and bad behavior during this time and it's honestly just such a shame. This is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, right? I know it can be easy to be influenced by all the negativity around us so I thought a list to ponder on during December might help us all to refocus on more important things.

1) Treat whomever is assisting you while shopping with patience and kindness. Say "please" and "thank you".

2) Save yourself a lot of stress and buy only what you can afford for others instead of trying to force things to work out and/or using the credit card.

3) Take the time to do something for someone else. Do you have a friend or relative that isn't mobile whom you can visit or run an errand for? Or maybe you and your children could prepare a box through Operation Christmas Child to provide a young boy or girl with some toys and basic essentials for Christmas?

4) If you recently quarrelled with someone, do you part in trying to work it out. Time is short and not speaking to someone is a bad way to start the new year.

5) Save time for no to-do lists and errands. Enjoy the Christmas activities, food, movies and music either during some well deserved "you time" or with your friends or family.

Tell me, what are some other ways you keep the stress and negativity away during the holidays? How do you make the most of this month?