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Beauty Box 5: TINT Beauty Lip Stain

Beauty Box 5: Tint Beauty Lip Stain | Style Through Her Eyes

It's difficult to find a lip stain that feels like you have nothing on and that is long lasting. This one by TINT Beauty is easy to apply and almost feels like you're wearing nothing. It definitely doesn't feel stiff like some others tend to and it does actually last a long time though by the end of the day it looks a little worn. Still, I believe this is one of the better lip stain products I've tried, and for being a new brand, I think TINT Beauty has done a great job with their Unicorn Lippie! The packaging, the amount of product included and free shipping is a great way to say "Hello!" to the world of beauty!

This was unfortunately the only photo from my camera that made it through but be sure to follow me on Instagram as I'll be sharing more photos of this product soon!

I love being able to try out new-to-me beauty brands through Beauty Box 5 and I especially love the full sized and deluxe sized products. If you'd like to receive beauty products every month for $12 (plus free shipping to U.S. residents and $3 to Canada), click here!

Disclosure: The Unicorn Lippie was sent to me by Beauty Box 5. All opinions are 100% my own.

3 Ways To Do Beauty On A Budget

Let's be real, many of us are on a budget. We try to get the best deals and make anything we buy last as long as possible. Beauty products are some of those things in life that need to get replaced regularly because of how often they are used. The good news is, there are definitely some things that can be done to help get the most out of the money you invest in your favorite products and today I'm going to share three of my tips with you.

3 Ways To Do Beauty On A Budget

I tend to rotate the makeup remover wipes I use every now and then but I'm currently using the Fragrance Free Neutrogena Wipes. They're gentle on my skin and do an amazing job of removing all of my makeup prior to washing my face before bed. For $6.99 you get 25 sheets, but what if I were to tell you that you could get 50 sheets for the same price? The trick? Simply cut the sheets in half. That half sheet is honestly all I ever need to remove my makeup (and don't forget you can use both sides of the sheet). I have a pair of scissors in the bathroom that I use to cut one when needed, but you can also pre-cut the whole package and store them in a freezer bag. It's that simple!

3 Ways To Do Beauty On A Budget

If you don't want to use your favorite mascara (whether it be high-end or not) on a day you're staying at home, just going on a quick errand or to the gym but still want to wear a little something, here's what to do! The next time you're out shopping, pick up an inexpensive mascara like the Lash Princess Essence Mascara which is cruelty-free and only $4.99! This or any other option your prefer would be great specifically for those days so that your bestie mascara lasts longer.

3 Ways To Do Beauty On A Budget

As an ULTA rewards member, I get access to perks such as coupons like $3.50 off of $15 as well as points for every purchase. The great thing about their coupons is that you can use them on top of any promotions they're having on their non-prestige brands (such as Buy 1, Get 1 50% off!). Double the savings always makes my bank account happy. And yes, it's free to sign up!

3 Ways To Do Beauty On A Budget

Speaking of coupons, if you're a Target shopper and don't own the Cartwheel App than you are missing out on so much greatness! It's a free app that helps you to save 5-50% off just because! You can search the items you are buying on the app at home and add any coupons to your "List" or you can scan the items as you go during your shopping trip. After all your items have been rung up, all you have to do is click on "Check Out" and a barcode will appear for the cashier to scan. As you can see above, I simply typed in "makeup" in the search bar and it instantly loaded all the current offers available.

Will you apply any of these tips to your world of beauty too? I'd love to hear of any tips you may have as well! Leave me a comment below or tweet me!

January Favorites: Brighton Collectibles, BB5 Box, & More!

January Favorites: Brighton Collectibles, BB5 Box, & More! | Style Through Her Eyes

I've been on a bit of a ring kick lately. I wore this Eternal Stack Ring by Brighton Collectibles most days last month and still can't stop wearing it! I love how sparkly it is and the fact that if it were to shift around during the day you'd never be able to tell as the entire band is covered in Swarovski crystals. It's super comfortable, and it looks like a million bucks but it's actually only $32.00. Who would've thought?

January Favorites: Brighton Collectibles, BB5 Box, & More! | Style Through Her Eyes

While my husband Jason and I were in line at Starbucks, I spotted That's It fruit bars. I had never heard of the brand before and immediately began to look it over. It is made of only Non GMO apples and berries with no added sugar and no preservatives. We both ended up getting the same bar and enjoyed the afternoon pick-me-up along with our drinks. He said it reminded him of fruit roll ups, though I can tell you it's a lot less sweet! They're actually quite similar to Larabars, which I also like. I'm always excited to discover new and healthy foods! You can find their fruit bards at places like Starbucks, Target, and Whole Foods. Have you heard of this brand before?

January Favorites: Brighton Collectibles, BB5 Box, & More! | Style Through Her Eyes

This pretty pink nail polish called Girl arrived in my Beauty Box 5 box last month. I've used Nanacoco nail polishes before but this is definitely my favorite of the colors I own! It's extremely easy to apply and has a beautiful solid but pearlescent finish. I only needed one coat too! And yes, that is a full-sized nail polish. All of the products that are included in the BB5 boxes each month are full sized or deluxe samples. If you're interested in signing up, you can do so here.

January Favorites: Brighton Collectibles, BB5 Box, & More! | Style Through Her Eyes

Jason surprised me with a paint night date last weekend and let me tell you, we had the BEST time! I've heard such great things about these places that host painting events and have always wanted to experience what it was like. The place was packed with couples, friends, families, people celebrating Birthdays and other special events which made the atmosphere that much more exciting. Typically the price you pay for two is around $50-$60 depending one where you go (there are several independent shops and small chains that host these painting gigs), and sometimes you can find Groupon deals or a BOGO 50% sale. The price includes a canvas, paint, and any other materials you'll need to make your painting come to life. Ours looks different from each other because we decided to do it that way. We thought it would be fun to have different backgrounds and different colored roses to hang next to each other in our bedroom. That's the fun thing, you can choose whether to follow the instructor's exact instructions or add your own special touch. Did I also mention you can bring drinks and snacks? Yeah, it's a super laid back and a wonderful experience to share with someone you love. This was by far one of the best dates with Jason I've ever had!

When the Beauty and the Beast live action film was announced, I was very intrigued. But after seeing the first couple of trailers, I was a little unsure about it even though the music captivated me ever so much. This movie is my absolute favorite Disney film of all time so I was and still am expecting a lot but the feeling I got from the trailers was an over abundance of CGI. Later on, after the Beast was revealed, I was turned off again by his appearance (mostly by his devil-like horns). And although I'm still unsure of his overall look, the casting of Emma Watson as Belle, and the CGI issue, the final trailer that was released just days ago got me so pumped for this movie! It looks beautiful and for the most part, it seems to follow the original story line well. I know I should have more faith considering how much I loved Maleficent and really enjoyed Cinderella and The Jungle Book. I actually do hope to love this movie though I don't think any re-make could ever top the 1991 animated cartoon. What do you think of the newest trailer?

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Xoxo

7 Year Blogiversary & Lauren Condrad Giveaway!

7 Year Blogiversary & Lauren Condrad Giveaway! | Style Through Her Eyes

Another year for Style Through Her Eyes aka SHE has gone by and today I'm celebrating seven years of blogging! Although I have blogged less this past year due to my Star Wars blog, Anakin and His Angel, I have still enjoyed every bit of it. My goal since I began blogging elsewhere was to have one new post a week on each blog and for the most part, I've been able to commit to that. One of my intentions for 2017 is to try and do more outfit posts like I used to as those have been extremely scarce. I'm also excited to create more content for you this year, but for now, let's look at a handful of highlights from 2016!

I have been fortunate enough to continue my partnership with Beauty Box 5 as their Partner and Beauty Contributor. Simple Night In and Double Eyeliner were a couple of my favorite posts I did for BB5 last year.

I had the chance to work with some other awesome brands as well some of which you can find here if you missed them: Lodinatt Briefcase Review and Wedding Invitations with Basic Invite.

I discovered an incredible new way to style my hair in this post:
John Frieda Frizz Ease: Dream Curls & Curl Reviver Product Review
, and I continued to talk about mental health: 3 Reasons To Talk About Anxiety & Depression, and Anxiety Relief: Art Therapy. If you're nosy like me, I did an updated What's In My Makeup Bag? post not too long ago as well ;)

Now that you've had the chance to check out one or two of my highlighted posts, I'd like to show my appreciation of your friendship and readership by offering a special giveaway I personally picked up with the New Year in mind. One of you will receive the Lauren Condrad journal and trinket tray picture above!

Please use the widget below to enter. The winner will be announced Saturday, January 28th on this post as well as Twitter!

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Nordstrom Rack Haul

I went to Nordstrom Rack in hopes of finding a black jacket and found next to nothing in that category. But I didn't leave empty handed. Oh, no. I ended up finding a pair of jeans, two pairs of leggings, and an amazing Too Faced eyeshadow palette. Hauls have always been one of my favorite things to read about or watch on YouTube and though this surely isn't a huge haul, the pieces themselves are pretty fantastic!

Nordstrom Rack Haul | Style Through Her Eyes
Vigoss jeans have always fit me well but they are also super expensive. So you can imagined how happy I was to fnd this pair that was originally $74 for $46. They feel and look great and I'm actually loving the distressed look. It gives the jeans a lot of character, which is fun. I first wore them out on my Birthday, as you can see above. That was my third time seeing the new Star Wars movie (currently on number four).

Nordstrom Rack Haul | Style Through Her Eyes
These moto-inspired leggings by Abound caught my eye instantly! They're not the warmest leggings, but this means I'll be able to get away with wearing them throughout the year which is double the awesome. I love the designs so much that had there been another in a different color I probably would've picked them up as well. These weren't in the clearance section but were only $19.99 each!

Nordstrom Rack Haul | Style Through Her Eyes
The beauty section is always the first place I go to when going to Nordstrom Rack because I always find the best deals. In fact, this Too Faced Love Palette was the very last one there. I snatched it up quickly and almost drooled over the stunning, shimmering colors. I paid just under $17 for it (regularly $50), and it comes with fifteen eyeshadows and a black waterproof eyeliner with a smudge tip. What a deal! The packaging is lovely and I couldn't be more pleased with the overall quality.

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

P.S. Please stop by on Saturday, January 21st as I will be celebrating my blog's 7th anniversary with a special giveaway!

Beauty Box 5: Travel Sized Hairsprays

Beauty Box 5: Travel Sized Hairsprays

Beauty Box 5: Travel Sized Hairsprays

A few weeks ago I shared with you everything I keep inside my make up bag along with a few hair products which included a travel sized hairspray. There's nothing worse than having an emergency (especially after trying on several clothes in a fitting room) and not having the right resources to remedy your hair emergency. Yes, this happened to me recently! This month I received the Professional Freezing Finishing Hairspray in my Beauty Box 5 box and immediately added it to my make up bag. It just so happened to come at the perfect time as I was in need of a replacement. I had never tried this brand before and was very pleased with how it tamed my flyaways instantly and how it held my beachy waves together throughout most of the day. Below, I have curated a few links to other brands that offer travel sized hairsprays for your convenience.


John Frieda - Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold | $1.99
Nexxus - Comb Thru Natural Hold Design & Finishing Mist | $2.99
Sebastion - Shaper Plus Extra Hold | $5
CHI - Helmet Head Extra Firm | $6.50
Big Sexy - Spray & Play Volumizing | $7.99
Redken - Extra High-Hold | $9

This was just one of the deluxe products I received in my BB5 box this month. For just $12, you can sign up too! Plus, from now until January 31st, you will receive a FREE Eye Shadow by Marsk with a Beauty Box 5 Subscription purchase!



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