Jenmarie is a bubbly woman in her late twenties who loves to laugh and always thinks shopping is a good idea. She has been happily married for six years to the man of her dreams and loves anything Star Wars and Disney. You've stumbled upon her blog of fashion, beauty and lifestyle where she shares her outfits, beauty tips, favorite things and inspirational pick-me-ups. Have a look around and send her a note if you wish.

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Bright Spring Look

Bright Spring Look | Style Through Her Eyes

Bright Spring Look | Style Through Her Eyes

Bright Spring Look | Style Through Her Eyes

Bright Spring Look | Style Through Her Eyes

Bright Spring Look | Style Through Her Eyes

Bright Spring Look | Style Through Her Eyes

Bright Spring Look | Style Through Her Eyes

What I Wore

Soprano Blouse: Nordstrom Rack
Instantly Slimming Leggings: WHBM
Franco Sarto Heels: Nordstrom Rack
Downton Abbey Necklace: Macy's
Simply Vera Wang Bag: Kohl's
Lipstick: Brazen Berry by Maybelline Vivids

I fear we might have skipped Spring this year (it's been in the high 80's for weeks now!). But just the same, I thought this was a very season appropriate look. Some of you might recognize this blouse from my recent Nordstrom Rack Haul. I absolutely love the bright color and the way it coincides with my Brazen Berry lipstick from Maybelline Vivds. It's like, the perfect purple shade. Oh, and don't let the long sleeves fool you, it's a chiffon blouse so it's very light and airy. I paired it with my favorite leggings from White House | Black Market, my new Franco Sarto heels and a gorgeous necklace from the Downton Abbey Collection at Macy's that my friend Casee gifted me. It's one of my new favorite gold pieces!

I'm totally that girl who loves black and because of the work place I often gravitate towards it, but colors also make me just as happy. I need some good options like this one in my wardrobe when it's so hot outside! The more distractions the better! Can you relate?

Cheers to a wonderful week ahead, my friends!

Five Minute Friday: Break

Five Minute Friday: Break | Style Through Her Eyes

(Image Source)

Taking a "break" from a busy schedule is so important, even if it's just for fifteen minutes. Please don't feel bad about it either! You owe it to yourself. You know what you do each day. Even if you think you don't do as much compared to what other people do, it doesn't matter because we're all busy in different ways and we all need some downtime. We're human and we need to refuel!

For some reason many men and women are always telling themselves that they have to keep going and that there's no time to eat or drink water throughout the day because they're busy with school, work, or the kids. You know what? By not taking care of yourself you're actually being selfish. How? If you're cranky or snappy because you haven't eaten or didn't get enough sleep the night before, you probably won't treat people very nicely or you may even make a mistake in your paper work. You won't feel like YOU either. At some point you need to choose to stop. If your body crashes, you won't be able to finish what you were working on properly and you won't be at your best for your kids, significant other, or with whomever you're around. You're just as important as everyone else. I think people who tend to think like this forget that. YOU ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT AS EVERYONE ELSE.

Here are some ideas!

If you know you're going to be running around all day, pack some nuts, fruit, and/or an energy bar and some water! This is a simple step that so many people can apply to their lives today. If you say that you literally won't have time to eat a meal, you can at least do this. MAKE TIME FOR IT. TAKE A BREAK! There's absolutely no excuse not to.

If you have a full schedule the next day, be sure to get enough sleep! Those tasks inside your home can be done tomorrow. If you insist they can't because of *instert reason here*, ask for help! You don't have to do everything.

If you need a cat nap, take one! If you want to sit and read a chapter in a book, do it! Don't feel bad for doing something you enjoy. You don't always have to be doing something super important. Enjoy life!

There are so many little things that we can do to take care of ourselves and take a break that will actually make a big difference. So, how are YOU going to take care of yourself and take a break next week?

P.S. I took a "break" from my busy week to participate in this week's FMF ;)

Beauty Box 5: Laugh Out Loud by Nanacoco

Beauty Box 5: Laugh Out Loud by Nanacoco | Style Through Her Eyes

Beauty Box 5: Laugh Out Loud by Nanacoco | Style Through Her Eyes

Beauty Box 5: Laugh Out Loud by Nanacoco | Style Through Her Eyes

Before I began receiving the Beauty Box 5 boxes I wasn't familiar with the Nanacoco brand, but I have come to really enjoy their products. I've tried a couple of their lip, eye, and nail products and have loved everything except the mascara, which wasn't bad but just wasn't great. The highlight of this month's box was definitely the Laugh Out Loud Lip Gloss in Cherry Blossom. It is obviously pretty to look at but it also looks good on! PLUS its non-sticky. Something I absolutely need in a lip gloss these days. Once you discover a pleasantly smooth and buttery lip gloss that hydrates and conditions you literally can not go back!

Tip: I like to use an eos lip balm before applying lip gloss or any other lip product. This is an especially good step for those who suffer with chapped lips! Think of it as a base for whatever you're about to put on. Burt's Bees is also a good option!

How do you feel about lip glosses? Do you have a favorite?

Disclosure: The Nanacoco lip gloss was sent to me by Beauty Box 5. All opinions are 100% my own.

My Disney Tsum Tsum Collection

My Disney Tsum Tsum Collection | Style Through Her Eyes

In my January Favorites I shared with you the Disney Tsum Tsum app game and briefly mentioned the plushies. The small ones are like adorable little twinkies (as my husband likes to call them) that fit in the palm of your hand. Disney Tsum Tsum is a Japan creation that many Disney fans like myself love. I can't resist the chubby-ness! Seeing as how my Disney themed posts are one of the most popular on this blog, I thought I'd share my collection of Tsum Tsum plushies with you.

My Disney Tsum Tsum Collection | Style Through Her Eyes

My Disney Tsum Tsum Collection | Style Through Her Eyes

My Disney Tsum Tsum Collection | Style Through Her Eyes

My Disney Tsum Tsum Collection | Style Through Her Eyes

Tsum Tsum (pronounced (Soom Soom) means "stack stack". They are available in sizes small ($4.95), medium ($12.95), and large ($24.95) but not all of the plushies are available in each size. It's mostly the iconic characters like Winnie the Pooh, Minnie Mouse, etc. that come in all three sizes. Tsum Tsums can be found at your nearest Disney store or disneystore.com. They have recently popped up at Target as well but they are made differently. Because of this, I find it difficult to consider them legit. Also, please beware of fake Tsum Tsums!

Disney Tsum Tsum | Style Through Her Eyes

Another fun fact about the Tsum Tsums? Disney is releasing new plushie collections on the first Tuesday of each month this year! It's been super exciting to see which movies they are creating characters for. Below are the collections that have been released so far.

Disney Tsum Tsum | Style Through Her Eyes

Disney Tsum Tsum | Style Through Her Eyes

Disney Tsum Tsum | Style Through Her Eyes

Aren't they great? April's collection is going to be Big Hero 6. You can bet I'm getting myself a Baymax! He looks like a little marshmallow! I hope to see a collection of Beauty and the Beast and hopefully some Star Wars characters later this year!

Disney Tsum Tsum | Style Through Her Eyes

What do you think of Tsum Tsums? Are you a fan of plushies as well?

Fashion Finds: Movie Charms

If you didn't know already, I love Star Wars, Disney and basically just movies in general. So, when I discovered these charms recently it made me want to start my own bracelet. The fact that I'm now working at Brighton Collectibles is probably another reason I have felt inspired to get one too. Here are some of my exciting finds!

Fashion Finds: Movie Charms | Style Through Her Eyes

Isn't this movie ticket charm so cute? I've never seen one like it before. Since it's all silver I feel that it would go with a lot of other charms. It would also be a great piece to add to a bracelet filled with different things you like! You can browse charms from Brighton here. All of their jewelry is nickel-free. It's made from a zinc based metal which is then silver plated and two lacquer coats are added to top it off.

Pandora is a familiar brand to me but I really never took the time to look at their products. When I heard they had several Disney charms, I had to take a peek! I love the little rose bead that represents Belle. It's so lovely! You can view the rest of their charms here. Theirs are some of the priciest but you have to remember that you're paying for real silver.

It was the Star Wars charms on Think Geek that made me say "Ok, I think I want a charm bracelet." I mean, how incredible are they? I think the TIE Fighter charm is perfect. The website gives you the option of buying the charm itself or adding on a bracelet in different sizes. By the way, if you're a geek like me you'd probably love many of the products on their website!

Do you have a charm bracelet? Where do you like to purchase your charms from?

Five Minute Friday: Plan

Five Minute Friday: Plan | Style Through Her Eyes

I like love to plan. I always have my planner on me and use it on a daily basis. You'll find everything from birthdays to blog posts schedules inside. Being a planner also means I'm a major list maker. I feel that plans keep me organized and in check with things that need to be done or events that are coming up. They remind me of what I need to buy at the store or of an idea for a blog post. Work schedules and pay dates are important too! See? I don't know what my life would be without my schedule and many lists. I think they're great for keeping yourself accountable and in-the-know and they're especially beneficial if you tend to be forgetful. Is that you? Keeping a daily pocket planner with you or having a desk calendar will absolutely help! If you're lazy or just can't be bothered with a pen and paper, there are ways to remind yourself of important dates and create lists on your phone. All smartphones come with the calendar app and there are many others to help you get organized too. Try Evernote for lists and/or notes (which you can sync to your computer if you also have the program on there) and search for "planner and organizer" or "list maker" in your Google Play or iTunes app stores. As for actual planners, I love the Paper Sugar collection at Target but they also have basic ones if you're more of a plain jane.

Tell me, are you a planner like myself?

Learn more about Five Minute Friday and how to participate, here.



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