Jenmarie is a bubbly and petite thirty-year-old who loves to laugh and always thinks shopping is a good idea. She has been happily married for seven years to the man of her dreams and loves anything Star Wars and Disney. You've stumbled upon her blog of fashion, beauty and lifestyle where she shares her outfits, reviews, beauty tips, favorite things, and inspirational pick-me-ups. Have a look around and send her a note if you wish!

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Beauty Box 5: Jelly Pong Pong

Beauty Box 5: Jelly Pong Pong | Style Through Her Eyes

Beauty Box 5: Jelly Pong Pong | Style Through Her Eyes

Beauty Box 5: Jelly Pong Pong | Style Through Her Eyes

Beauty Box 5: Jelly Pong Pong | Style Through Her Eyes

Beauty Box 5: Jelly Pong Pong | Style Through Her Eyes

Beauty Box 5 has once again introduced me to a new brand called Jelly Pong Pong. They are a cruelty-free company with a determination to go as natural as possible. Their products don't contain any mineral oils, phthalates, parabens and they are also hypoallergenic! There's just something about these little cream pots that make them so darling and fun to use! The Paradise Pigments are a lip and cheek cream that smell sweet and look great on! The shade I am wearing on my lips is called Cake Pop and is a lovely orangey-pink color, perfect for the Spring and Summer months! It can be applied with the tip of your finger but I opted to use the Real Techniques Lip Brush for a more defined look. Overall, I am happy with the product. The packaging is great and I love the super smooth consistency!

Be sure to visit Jelly Pong Pong, you'll adore their colorful website!

For just $12 a month, you can receive five deluxe beauty samples like this one too! Sign up for your own box here!

Disclosure: The product mentioned above was sent to me by Beauty Box 5. All opinions are 100% my own.

Dove Volume Dry Shampoo Review

Dove Volume Dry Shampoo Review | Anakin And His Angel

Last year I reviewed the TRESemmé Volumizing Dry Shampoo. It was my first time trying any sort of dry shampoo and I was pleasantly surprised by the results. A few months ago I decided to purchase the Dove Volume Dry Shampoo as I've heard such good things about it and wanted to compare the two. *Note: It seems that the Dove Volume Dry Shampoo has been replaced with Dove "Invigorating" Dry Shampoo though the description of the product appears to be similar.

Dove Volume Dry Shampoo Review | Anakin And His Angel

Dove Volume Dry Shampoo Review | Anakin And His Angel

Overall, I personally think this is the better product. The scent is so delightfully clean smelling and it makes my hair feel like I just blow dried it! While the TRESemmé option definitely worked I feel that the Dove brand provides better results that are very clearly visible both in volume and texture. It's the perfect option for those in-between wash days when your hair needs a little pick-me-up. It absorbs oil instantly and in turn leaves your hair looking completely refreshed and voluminous. Who doesn't want that?

I use it the same way as the other, focusing on the scalp and massaging it with my hands at a fast pace to work the product in. I also like to spray it at the roots behind the ear and at the nape of my neck for full coverage and added oomph. You can also brush through your hair afterwards to evenly disperse it.

It's only a couple dollars more than the TRESemmé Dry Shampoo at just under $5 and I think it's absolutely worth the extra money!

Do you use a dry shampoo? Which is your current favorite?

Star Wars Outfits

Today I wanted to share with you some of my Star Wars outfits that I've been putting together on my Star Wars blog since late last year. I know some of you aren't Star Wars fans and therefore don't follow me over there, and that's totally understandable. However, I know how much you all enjoy when I do OOTDs (yes, I know I haven't posted one on this blog in a while! I'm going to remedy that situation soon!) and thought you might like these. I hope they give you some ideas on how to implement your favorite fandom into your every day attire!

Star Wars Outfits | Style Through Her Eyes
Star Wars OOTD: Bazine Netal

This was my first Star Wars outfit inspired by a character from one of the films. I chose First Order Agent, Bazine Netal from The Force Awakens. I wanted to try something a little different than wearing something that was clearly Star Wars related. I worked really hard in finding the perfect pieces for this look and am super proud of it! For a character reference and more photos, visit the link above!

Star Wars Outfits | Style Through Her Eyes
Star Wars OOTD: Visions of Ahsoka

I personally think that one of the best ways of styling your geeky top is to tuck it into a skirt! It instantly transforms a basic looking tee (no matter how cool it is) into something feminine and fun!

Star Wars Outfits | Style Through Her Eyes
Star Wars OOTD: Maison de Vader

You all know how much I love me some tunic tops! This number is super chic and I really like the minimalistic Star Wars theme. In case you didn't know, it reads "House of Vader". I wear it all the time!

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at these! For more photos, information on where these items were purchased, and more Star Wars OOTDS, click here!

Beauty Box 5: Cruelty Free Glitter Liner

Beauty Box 5: Cruelty Free Glitter Liner | Style Through Her Eyes

Beauty Box 5: Cruelty Free Glitter Liner | Style Through Her Eyes

Beauty Box 5: Cruelty Free Glitter Liner | Style Through Her Eyes

Beauty Box 5: Cruelty Free Glitter Liner | Style Through Her Eyes

Thanks to my lovely partners, Beauty Box 5, I am excited to introduce to you Glamour Dolls, a cruelty free make-up brand founded by celebrity make-up artist, Jessica Romano. In this month's BB5 box I received several items but my favorite was the green Glitter Liner in the color Mary Jane. I was worried that the glitter may irritate my eyes since I've had an experience like that before with one of my favorite make up brands, Urban Decay. However, I went the entire day wearing it without any problems! Applying it was super easy though I think I placed it on too quickly after I put my regular eyeliner on. The green ended up blending a little too much with the black making it appear more softer in color than the vibrant shade it truly is. If you're looking to add a little pizazz to your eye make up, this Glitter Liner comes in four other colors besides the green. They are $3.99 each with worldwide shipping!

What do you think of the layered eyeliner look? Have you tried it with a glitter liner like this one or perhaps a different color, like white? If not, have fun getting trying it out! Get creative!

Disclosure: The product mentioned above was sent to me by Beauty Box 5. All opinions are 100% my own.

Real Techniques Gel Brush Cleanser Review

Real Techniques Gel Brush Cleanser Review | Style Through Her Eyes

In January I did an ULTA Haul and purchased a handful of items both new and old. One of the new products was the Real Techniques Gel Brush Cleanser. I believe it had recently hit stores and though I hadn't heard anything about it yet I was anxious to try it! I've never had any bad experience with the Real Techniques brand and was confident that the eight dollars and change would be well spent.

The gel comes in a super cute bottle that is just over 5 FL oz. I expect this to last quite a while as you really only need a drop per brush (or a little more if you have gone too long without washing your brushes like I did. Oops!). I worked the gel into my wet brush and lathered it all up and immediately saw the makeup dripping down the drain. It wasn't at all arduous. This is definitely the best brush cleanser I have used so far!

I recommend that any brushes you use on your face be cleaned at least a couple times a week to prevent the build up of product, oils, and bacteria. These three things combined are easily able to layer up on the bristles each day. The more it builds up, the harder it is to clean and the more prone you are to having breakouts. Brushes that are used on and around the eyes can be cleaned a couple times a month, but this could vary depending on what types of products you're using. For quicker touch ups you can use ULTA's Professional Brush & Sponge Cleaner ($10) for those in-between days of deep cleaning. It's a spray that conditions and disinfects!

While we're on the subject, Real Techniques recently debuted the Brush Cleansing Palette. It's $14.99 with a 5 star rating. It seems a little pricey for performance-grade silicone but it is 100% cruelty-free, dishwasher safe, and has multi-textured surfaces that help to gently work between the bristles for deep cleansing. I haven't purchased this yet but it's on my "To Buy" list. I'm just waiting for their next BOGO 50% sale that I can use along with a coupon!

How is your make up brush cleaning going? Which cleanser is your favorite or are you in the market for a new one? Do you think you'll try the Gel Brush Cleanser by Real Techniques?

Disney Store Fashion & Accessories Sale

Disney Store Fashion & Accessories Sale | Style Through Her Eyes
Surprise, surprise! The Disney Store website is offering 30% off "Park Merchandise" and FREE shipping on most products with the code PARKDEALS. Brands like Alex & Ani, Dooney & Bourke, Pandora, and Vera Bradley have been excluded from the 30% off. However, you can still get FREE shipping on all of the products. The sale will go on until Sunday, March 13th so be sure to get your shopping on! There's a lot of great merchandise to update your wardrobes with, including one of my favorite brands, Her Universe!

For more information and the full list of excluded brands, click here.

The prices listed below do NOT reflect the current sale price.


Han Solo Dress by Her Universe - $49.95

Minnie Mouse Sequin Bow Sweater - $54.95

Asymmetrical Star Wars Logo Tank - $32.95


Star Wars Scarf - $21.95

Minnie Mouse Wallet - $50.00

Cinderella Slipper Necklace - $45.00

Which of the products I featured would you like to own? Will you be shopping the sale?



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