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Do you sleep mask?

Today's post is centered around sleep masks. I know that a lot of people may not use them, but I have for years. I like the noise my television provides at night, but I am easily distracted by it if I watch what's actually on. Therefore, I have turned to using sleep masks. The one I currently use is from Forever 21, but is no longer available in stores. I have had it for almost a year now, but if you get one that is the right material you can wash it (I am so happy about this, since it was a present from my father). Otherwise, you can't keep one that is made of cheaper quality material very long, or it just becomes gross.

So, since I cannot share with you my very own sleep mask preference, I decided to share with you seven masks I have found along with some that are inspired by Holly Golightly. You know who I'm talking about - that quirky New York girl from the sticks who stood outside Tiffany's with a donut in her black evening gown. Holly Golightly has become an icon thanks to the amazing acting talent of Audrey Hepburn (who I love and admire).

1. Holly GoNightly Sleep Mask $14 Fred Flare; 2. Breakfast at Tiffany Sleep Mask $30 Mary Green; 3. Cat Eye Sunglasses Sleeping Mask $25 Mary Green; 4.Lambie Sleep Mask $10 Currently on sale for $5 Bath and Body Works; 5.Wake Me For Coffee Sleep Mask $14.99 Mary Green; 6.Amelie Pink Satin Eye Masks $14.95 Sleepy Heads; 7. Eye Mask and Pillowcase Gift Set $78 Juicy Couture

Now you can sleep in style as well, and maybe catch some heavier zs. Do you sleep mask?


Kiki said...

I tried sleepmasking once but it's the same problem for me as earplugs: I can't stand anything on/near my face when I sleep. I'm weird like that... hahah.
The Amelie masks are too cute though :)

Jen said...

What a cute selection! I've always wanted to purchase one. I think they would be very handy for me sometimes (as long as it doesn't have a tight feeling to it). They're so cheap too, so I might as well invest in one!


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