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Get Baked

I’ll admit it. I have a problem. I love to buy makeup. This generally ends badly for my checking account, but recently, I was able to score a really neat set from Urban Decay for only $19 (plus shipping). The set is called Get Baked and as per urbandecay.com, the set contains: 4 eyeshadows; Twice Baked, Half Baked, Flipside, Baked + Mini Bourbon 24/7 + Mini Sin Primer.

Let’s start with the eyeshadow. I’m a huge fan of Urban Decay’s eyeshadow. The pigmentation is vivid and the shadow goes on smoothly with great coverage. The shades in this palette might be best suited for summer, but I wouldn't stop you from wearing them year round. Baked is probably my favorite of the four shadows. It’s a wonderful, shimmery, coppery brown. It’s rather metallic, and it’s great for a lid color that is fairly neutral, yet with a metallic quality to give your eyeshadow a bit more interest. Twice Baked is a deep brown that seems a bit more matte than the other colors in this palette, but it’s good for creating depth in the crease of your eyelid. Half Baked is a shimmery almost sheer golden brown that is really great for the upper eyelid or as a highlight near the brow bone. The final shade, Flipside, is a shimmery blue. On me, it’s not the best shade ever, but if you have a warmer undertone to your skin, it would look fantastic.

But the main reason that I ordered this set was because I was really curious to try both the primer in Sin and the 24/7 eye pencil. Urban Decay’s Primer Potion is a fantastic product. I use it just about every day in conjunction with Urban Decay shadow. Together, my eyeshadow stays on perfectly all day. The primer potion in Sin is a shimmery version of this magical product, and I really like it! I love that you can just put this on and have a shimmery base for your shadow that can function as a highlighter if you apply it all the way up to your brow bone. The final piece to this set was a travel size version of Urban Decay’s 24/7 Eye Pencil in Bourbon (a deep chocolate brown). Now, I’m kind of fail at applying eyeliner, but I’d heard great things about Urban Decay’s liner, so I wanted to give it a shot. I’m SO glad I did. The liner goes on so smoothly and is super easy to apply. I think I will definitely be saving up to buy the full size 24/7 eyeliner in Zero (their black shade).

So in conclusion, this is really a great buy. I would recommend this set, especially for people with warmer skin tones, but I think these shades would also work great with a summer tan for those with a cooler skin tone. And if you’re not really familIar with Urban Decay and their products, this set really serves as a great introduction.

It’s on sale for $18.99 on urbandecay.com, if you want to get it: GetBakedEyeshadowPalette

Image credit: urbandecay.com


Jen said...

*Sighs* Urban Decay is just amazing isn't it? I really need to stock up on some shadows and other items from them. I'm really wanting the Alice in Wonderland Palette right now!

This is such a great post. Lots of detail, which I love.


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