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The Messy Lob

The Messy Lob is a new hairdo being rocked by several celebrities at the moment, including the beautiful Zoe Saldana. Lob stands for "the longer bob", usually shoulder length and worn straight. Though the look of the moment involves styling your hair into loose, tousled curls that add volume and keep your ends looking blunt. The Messy Lob is easy to take care of and easy to style. And who doesn't love the look of messy, bedroom hair?

To achieve this look once you have the cut, I recommend you try out Herbal Essences line of Tousle Me Softly products.


Karen said...

This is the hair style that I'm currently rocking. I do use the Tousle Me Softly shampoo and conditioner. And then I use Bumble and Bumble's syling lotion while my hair is still wet, then I split my hair into chunks and twist the chunks away from my face (to create the curls). Then I let it air dry or I dry it with my diffuser. Ta da!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I get what you're talking about with twisting your hair into chunks. I've done that before to help waves come to life. I have never used Bumble and Bumble's styling lotion though. I may have to try that out!

Jen said...

I've been loving her style in some of the recent pictures I've seen. Her hairstyle is very cute and simple!


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