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Anne's Bronze Frock

Anne Hathaway attended the Alice in Wonderland Premiere on Friday in an almost perfect bronze frock. While I think the color compliments Anne very well, there are a few things I'm not too fond of.

The cut on the bust of the dress is much too pointed, and the shape is completely abnormal. There's something going on in that area that just doesn't work.

How about that very awkward slit at the bottom with the shear ragged looking lining? Not very attractive in my opinion. It's like the dress itself doesn't know which style to stick with!

I think if the style was something more like this (but of course longer and with the same color and fabric), it would've been perfect:

Distorted Floral Sheen Dress

What are your thoughts on her dress? What about the shoes?

Image Source: AnneHathawayFan.com & Forever21.com.


Karen said...

I love Anne, but this isn't one of her best red carpet choices. It's not a bad dress, but I think that Anne looks much better in jewel toned dresses. She also has a killer figure, and the lumpy cut of the dress hides that. It makes her hips look larger than they are. I'm not a huge fan of the length either. The dress would look a billion times better if it were knee length. Right now it's at an awkward tee length that makes her body look a little weirdly proportioned.

But I like her makeup here! And I like her shoes and the jewelry she chose. Her hair could stand to be sleeker though.


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