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Finding Urban Decay's "Alice" In the Real World

I'm sure everyone is aware that the delightful Alice in Wonderland: Book of Shadows palette by Urban Decay is sold out, but most of the colors are still available under their original, "Real World" names. I've made a little cheat sheet to help you find them in Urban Decay's original line as well as their box sets and other products. Just click the links to be taken to the product pages on Urban Decay's Web site!

Underland is... Flash; also available in:
Alice is... Painkiller; only available in:
Oraculum is... Baked; also available in:

Queen is... Last Call; also available in:
Chessur is... Chopper; also available in
White Rabbit is... Polyester Bride; also available in:
Wonderland is... Maui Wowie; also available in:
Curiouser is... Grifter; also available in:
Muchness is... X; also available in:
Mushroom is... Mushroom; only available in:
Midnight Tea Party is... Midnight Cowboy Rides Again; also available in:
Vorpal is... S&M

Absolem is... Homegrown

Drink Me, Eat Me
is... Sin; also available in:
Mad Hatter is... Twice Baked; also available in:
Jabberwocky is... Oil Slick; also available in:

The Alice in Wonderland box set also includes 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in Flipside and Zero.

Urban Decay has 10 Alice in Wonderland box sets left that they’re giving away on their Web site so be sure to enter here. Today is the last day to enter! There are also a few videos on the site for achieving different looks inspired by some of the characters in the movie!

These colors may be available in more products than I'm listing, and I'll be sure to update this post with anything new that I find. I hope this was helpful to everyone. Enjoy!


Jen said...

I can't even being to descrive how useful this is. I'm copying this list and saving it! There were some colors from this set that I was VERY interested in.

You're awesome!

Britta Kirk said...

wow this is such an awesome post! and its lovely to know that you dont have to purchase the whole pallette just get the one or two colors you love!

Casee Marie said...

I'm so glad it's helpful! I'm disappointed that "Painkiller" ("Alice") isn't available as a single eyeshadow, but maybe they'll release it sometime soon. It's such a unique and lovely blue. And I really recommend "Sin" ("Drink Me, Eat Me"). I use that almost every day as a base color. It has a lovely shine to it, too. (:

Kiki said...

Oh and it looks like "Sin" is pretty similar to MAC's Naked Lunch. Love it as a base colour :)


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