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Forever 21 Twist

As from Forever21 & FabSugar...

Forever 21 is bringing a new twist to fast fashion with its exclusive Twist Collection. Starting Wednesday, July 29, you'll be introduced to a whole new whimsical, circus-inspired world of sassy frocks, tulle skirts, cropped jackets, and fancy tees. Lighthearted prints include oversized polka dots, houndstooth, stripes, and checkers, while silhouettes are entirely poufy. So fun. Until then, check out the convivial Look Book.

Who would've ever thought Forever 21 would have a line inspired from Alice in Wonderland? Hit the links above for some fun photos of what is to come!


Casee Marie said...

I love all of the influence Alice in Wonderland is having lately! I've always been inspired by the style in the story. Some of the pieces in that collection are super cute. I especially love the accessories and the pops of color in each look. And most especially, those fingerless lace gloves! So pretty!

almondsandapples said...

I've never been a big fan of Forever 21, but some of this actually looks really cute! I love the little grey dress with the Queen-of-Hearts-looking design on the last "page," and some of the skirts look nice too :)

Britta Kirk said...

I'm so excited about this line! They finally have it live on the site, and there are so many separates that I would love to own! I always hated the story of Alice and Wonderland, but, I love art and accents related to it!


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