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Green Galore!

I'm honestly not a huge fan of St. Patrick's Day. Whether you right there with me or absolutely love celebrating, I'm sure you'll enjoy this collection of various items I put together on PolyVore.com.

St. Patrick's Day
Green Galore by Jenmarie86 featuring Forever21 and others.

I combined all various shades of green which include things I like, and some that others will like. While creating this set I was trying to think about everyone's tastes and not just mine. I hope that you will enjoy browsing through the different products!

All items are from Forever 21, H&M, Target, Urban Outfitters, Victoria's Secret and Urban Decay.


Karen said...

I hate St Patrick's Day because I look positively disgusting in green. Green just makes me look sickly and my skin look sallow and gross. So I hate that I'm supposed to wear green today. Its very tragic.

Casee Marie said...

My family always made St. Patrick's Day lots of fun for us as kids. When you get older it loses the fun, I think.

Absolutely love the collage! I especially adore the white tank with leaves from Forever 21.

Jen said...

Karen - You're too funny. Have you ever tried SUPER light pastel greens?

Casee - Glad you like it! I had fun making it. Actually I believe that top is a very very very light pale green from Forever 21. I could be wrong, but it came up in my search for green. lol


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