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Mad for style

Can we have a time-machine back to early sixties Manhattan? No? I guess my dvd-boxes of Mad Men's first two seasons will have to do then. One episode and I was completely hooked on the storylines but even more importantly the costumes. Let us all bow down to Janie Bryant and the rest of the costume team.

Apart from the wonderful costumes I was mostly struck by the diversity of people, personalities and body types showcased. The three leading ladies each have their own style which links not only to their body type but also their personality.
I don't have a particular favourite but I have to admit that I do have a bit of a weak spot for office manager Joan. Her formfitting array of workwear consists of dresses and pencil skirts that make my mouth water. Strong jewel tones and colours set off her creamy complexion.

The second leading lady is Betty Draper, wife to creative director Don Draper and stay at home mum. Her style is classic Grace Kelly: pouffy skirts, pearls and the blonde hair. From hosting dinner parties to going horse-riding, accompanying her husband to black-tie affairs or throwing him out of the house, Betts always looks picture-perfect.

Third in our row of leading ladies is Peggy Olson. Starting out as Draper's shy new secretary she becomes a copywriter. Stylewise she makes a maybe even bigger evolution: from the prim and proper catholic schoolgirl to the more confident woman she becomes at the end of the second season. Her wardrobe is dominated by high collars, checks and flowing skirts.

Do you watch Mad Men? Are you just as mad about the ladies and their frocks?

Picture source: AMC website


Karen said...

I absolutely LOVE Betty's style. I love her full skirted dresses and her beautifully wavy hair.

Jen said...

Loving it!

Doing reviews on various styles seen in movies and/or tv is such a great idea, and I'm glad you chose to do this.

Kiki said...

I'm glad you like the post. I have to say that I've become transfixed with the fashion.
I'll make sure to do a more Betty-centric post next in the series ;)


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