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My Top Two Oscar Favorites

Here are my Top Two Oscar looks of the night:

Carey Mulligan graced the red carpet in this lovely Prada gown. The whole of the night seemed to showcase loads of dresses encrusted with crystals of every kind, but this dress stood out from them all. This was one of the only gowns that I fell in love with upon sight!  Along with the classic gold accents which embellished the beautiful heart shaped bodice, there are also little knives, forks and spoons scattered throughout and fading down to the train. Sometimes, dark colors on young women can be a bit overwhelming, and slightly matronly, however the whimically 'Alice and Wonderland'-esque silverware accents made this gown fresh and unique! I also loved her chandelier earrings which did not overpower the dress! They helped bring out her adorable short haircut and her face! I have such a soft spot for women who are able to translate eccentric detailing into elegance!

Kristen Stewart appeared on the Oscar red carpet for the very first time in this lovely midnight blue gown designed by Monique Lhuillier. I thought this dress was radiant, form fitting and smooth as it flared out into the train. The synched waist as well as the designing of slight asymmetric lines made this gown pop, instead of being plain. I always applaud women who understand the adage that 'less is more.' Instead of over doing it with gaudy jewels, Kristen allowed the dress to be the show piece. While she might have donned pearl or chandelier earrings just to add that extra touch, she still stands as one of the best dressed of the evening! 

Image Credits: Everglow,  Carey Mulligan Online


Kiki said...

I love Kristen's Monique Lhuillier, it looks like a dream on her. I like Carey's dress but I wish she'd go back to her former haircolour. I don't know, somehow that blond doesn't work for me...

Britta Kirk said...

hmm. I thought her hair was adorable, lol. I guess it's because I haven't really observed her with her former hair color. Gotta watch An Education to get acclimated!

Karen said...

I really liked Kristen's dress last night too. Although to be honest, my expectations for her at red carpet events are so low that I think I liked her so much like night based purely on the fact that she looked like she'd bathed recently, and not like she'd just come from the gym and then thrown on the first dress she saw. Her dress isn't super exciting, but it's nice and suits her really well. AND her hair looks well styled. I was bowled over.

I love Carey. But I agree with Kiki. She looks better with darker hair. And I thin she looks better with longer hair too. I love the bodice of her dress, but I can't decide how I feel about the hem.

Jen said...

Cary looks great, but I don't think the heels go very well with the dress. From far away it looks like a very style black dress, but when you look closer I would call it an edgy black dress.

Kristen definitely took it up a notch! I really agree that she always looks so ragedy. Not my favorite dress, but it does suit her and she looks lovely.

Britta Kirk said...

lol, i don't know...I always like how Kristen dresses especially during award shows and events. i kinda like her edgy tom boy with funk style, lol

Casee Marie said...

I love these choices - especially Carey! That dress was so quirky and charming, but at the same time very elegant. Her earrings are amazing, too. I don't think I have a preference on her hair color; I do love the short pixie style, though! Few girls do short hairstyles anymore, and she really looks lovely in this one.

I love Kristen's dress, as well. I think it would have been nice to see some earrings just to balance it out, but the dress definitely stands on its own!

Jen said...

Aww, yes. I didn't notice she didn't have earrings on. I think it would've been a nice touch.


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