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Oscar Fashion: Casee’s Picks (Part 1)

After being a bit bored and generally unimpressed with the red carpet looks at previous events this season I was pleasantly surprised at just how many looks caught my eye on Sunday's Academy Awards. Try as I might, I could not fit them into one post! So here are a few that I really enjoyed...

Jennifer Lopez in Giorgio Armani Privé

J.Lo’s gown has gotten some mixed reviews, but I thought it was absolutely stunning. I love the shape of the bodice and the way it hugs her curves, and obviously the gorgeous plume on the side that flows into a train is fabulous. I love how light and weightless it looks; if it had been made of a heavier fabric the dress would have been far too much, I think. While the gown is actually white, I believe, it looked like it had a pink hue in some of the red carpet photos. The Cartier jewels are nice little complimenting pieces, as is her understated make-up. I’m undecided about the messy hairstyle, which seemed to be popular this year. I think it balances out the dress, really.

Ryan Reynolds in Tom Ford

Ryan definitely had my favorite look of all the men who graced the red carpet last night. I think he looked quite smart and impeccable. I love the charming black buttons on the shirt, especially. It must be so boring for men to all walk the red carpet in the same color and style (for the most part) while the women get to wear all sorts of interesing looks, but he really managed to stand out and look striking.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Chanel Couture

Another dress that I’ve seen on both Best and Worst Dressed lists is SJP’s pretty yellow Chanel Couture gown. I think the color is charming and really suits her personality, and I love the way it falls. The silver detailing on the front is so elegant and the way it continues on in the back adds a lot of balance, too. Her Fred Leighton jewels are unbelievably lovely, balancing out the silver at the top. I’m not completely sure that I love the silver on the bottom back portion of the dress, though it does add a bit of character. The dress would have perhaps looked a bit matronly without it. I couldn’t find a picture of the back of her hair, but I thought it was absolutely brilliant! It could have used a bit more hairspray (in fact, I saw a lot of frizzy tresses Sunday night), but the style is so unique.

Tom Ford in…Tom Ford!

Shocker! When someone mentions internationally renowned fashion designer Tom Ford on the red carpet it’s usually in response to the age old question, “Who are you wearing?” but Tom was in film director mode last night as he supported Colin Firth, who was nominated for Best Actor in Tom’s film “A Single Man”. I love the cut of this suit, the gorgeous bow tie and the little flower he detailed the look with.

What did you think of these looks? Let's discuss!

Image Credit: JustJared, IMDb.


Jen said...

I thought Jennifer Lopez looked really great and I love how modern looking the dress is. I thought the gown was pink, I would've never known it was white! I don't think many women could pull this dress off the way she did!

Ryan Reynolds was definitely one of my top pics for the men that night. I had no idea he was married to Scarlett!

Sarah Jessica Parker was actually not one of my favorites. I think the dress may have looked better on the model, but even then to me it seems like there needs to be a few adjustments. I don't feel the neck strap suits this style. I also think it'd look better if the pale yellow satin was a different fabric. Her hair was very Princess Leia, which I loved, but I would've toned it down a bit so the added pieces looked like her actual hair.

I didn't even see pictures of Tom Ford, lol! He looks nice.

Karen said...

It's funny that you loved SJP's dress except for the silver on the back because for me, that was the only part I loved. I thought the flowers on top looked cheap and from the front it looked so shapeless and unflattering. But I did love the way the dress gathered in the back.

Kiki said...

SJP's dress is definitely not my favourite. I think the cut could've been much more flattering for her.
I LOVE Ryan Reynolds. And that TF tux is just amazing on him.

Casee Marie said...

I'm just about to go post some pictures of JLo on SHE's tumblr, so you can see how white the dress actually is. Most of the red carpet pictures make it look pink, which I like a lot more. It's softer, I think. The white is a bit stark.

SJP definitely a look you either love or hate, which makes it a pretty daring choice for the red carpet. I like to see the ladies making adventurous choices without being particularly Lady Gaga-ish. The first thing I saw was the back of SJP's hair and I actually gasped out loud, haha. (:


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