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Oscar Fashion: Part 1 of a few?

It's not that I have a zillion favorites from the event last night, but there are more than a handful I'd like to share my comments about. So, we'll see how many more parts there are to this one. ;)


Source: RachelMcAdams.org

I have been telling people that Rachel's gown is one of my favorites, but I'm really leaning more towards my favorite of the night!. She was stunning in this Elie Saab Haute couture strapless gown. The pastel colors and light flow of the fabric gives her a very soft and angelic glow. I love absolutely everything about her gown including her make-up and earrings, but would've preferred her with darker hair. Like Karen said earlier: "In some photos she looks really washed out."



Source: AnnaKendrickWorld

I haven't been a huge fan of Anna's gowns lately, but this Elie Saab couture off-the-shoulder blush gown really compliments her. The color is so creamy and soft and looks radiant against her skin. The way the dress hangs loosely against her body is stunning. While I'm not a huge fan of the shoes (I think it's the thickness of the heel), her hair, make-up, jewelry and clutch couldn't be any more perfect!



Source: ZoeSaldana.com

There are gorgeous colors and ruffles on this Givenchy couture gown, but I would've liked to see the the ruffled skirt match the bodice. The sparkles just don't do it. While Zoe's gown might not have exactly matched, I really liked her hair, make-up and jewelry. The jewelry is simple, but pretty and fun to match the bold gown, and her make-up truly brings out the sweetness of her face.



Source: CelebritGossip.net

When you look at Kate, you think charming and sophisticated. Indeed, this Atelier Yves Saint Laurent gown is more on the plain side, but as always she still managed to look simply elegant. Although the necklace isn't my favorite piece, the Tiffany & Co. jewelry compliments the dress perfectly. Her hair-do is one of my favorites, and her make-up is very natural looking.


Were any of these your favorites of the night? Which other actresses would you like to see us review


Casee Marie said...

(I'm so glad you decided to do several posts; I think I'm going to do that, too!)

Rachel's look really struck me when I first saw it, and in an instantly wonderful way. She looked lovely.

Anna's look is so, so pretty! I think the platform shoes are really in this year, but I'm not completely crazy about them. I do like the color of hers, though.

I completely agree that Zoe's dress would have been better if the ruffles matched the bodice. The fade from that lovely lilac to the dark purple is just too abrupt. But I adore her hair and make-up, too.

Kate Winslet always has a wonderful look, I think. And that necklace is pretty crazy. Did you know it costs about $2.5 million?!

Jen said...

More than one post is definitely fine! There were a lot of gowns!

The color of Anna's shoes are really pretty, I agree. I also noticed other platform shoes througout the night.

I like the necklace, but I feel like that last piece looks kinda like those dog tag necklaces. I don't know. I have a love/hate thing for it, haha. OMG! That's a lot!

Karen said...

I'm glad that you posted a picture of Rachel McAdams's earrings because WOW. I really love them.

Jen said...

I know. It really makes me want to go and get my ears pierced!

Karen said...

Pierced ears are fun! If you do decide to go get your ears pierced, I'd recommend that you go to a piercing parlor where they pierce your ear by hand with a needle rather than a Claire's where they use a piercing gun. It's way less painful, I can say from experience. It heals faster too.

I just got a second piercing in my lobes a couple of months ago and the Rachel McAdams picture is inspiring me to go out and get some pretty earrings.

Jen said...

Isn't it a longer process with a needle, or how does it work?

Karen said...

It's a slightly longer process. The piercer will take a hollow (so that as the needle goes through your ear it clears out the flesh for a cleaner piercing) needle and push that through your lobe, and then he will take the needle out and put in a stud. I feel like when I got pierced with the piercing gun, there was a lot more pain and bruising after the fact because piercing guns just push a sharpened stud through your ear really fast and that's kind of traumatic for your ear. Also a piercing gun is less sanitary because even though a new stud is used each time, the gun isn't cleaned and microscopic bits of blood and junk could get into the machinery of the gun. But with a needle piercing, a new needle is used for every person and it's all sterilized.

Kiki said...

For me Zoe's gown was too mismatched to really like it. Especially the bottom was not really something for me. I loved the bodice though, from the waist up she looked fab!

I'll be doing another post soon too :)


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