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Spring Florals

Floral prints are fresh in bloom, and Forever21.com has a lovely collection. You'll find everything from tank tops to headwraps! Hit the link above and find the piece that perfectly defines you!

Flowery isn't my most favorite style, but recently some of the prints have caught my eye while out shopping, especially anything with roses. I also find that I'm drawn more towards the tops or dresses with floral designs rather than leggings or skirts (although some skirts I've seen are pretty cute and I do plan to try a few on this Spring/Summer).

Below is a photo from last year of me with my husband. I found this dress at you guessed it, Forever 21! I fell in love with the soft colors and needless to say, the price. Although it isn't 100% floral there are a lot of tiny flowers, leaves and other fun details all over that make it really feminine and fun.

Not quite sure about all the floral designs yourself? You never know for sure until you get into that dressing room and try something on!

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