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Benami's Fashion

Many fans were sad to see Didi Benami leave American Idol last night. With her unique voice and wonderful performance of "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted" on Tuesday most didn't expect she'd go next.

The majority of her fans will remember the passion she so evidently showed through her singing and playing guitar, and some will remember her for her fashion choices...

While I haven't loved Didi's look every time she has appeared on American Idol, there were some that really stood out me. The picture above shows her elgant look on the night of her last performance. When I saw her walk out onto the stage I couldn't help but think "Oscars".

There were some other cute looks she put together but for some reason it is so difficult to find picture of the contestants on American Idol, especially full body shots! I was lucky to find this one below. I love the way she looks in this animal print top, thick black belt, leggings and boots. It's very bold and alive.

Along with her fashion choices, I've also loved a handful of her hairstyles. She's always doing something different and fun. The loose curls in the pictures below really compliment her face and her hair stylist did a wonderful job of pulling some of her hair back real delicately.

The hairstyle and soft make-up really makes her glow! What do you think? Do you like any of these styles? Which other outfits or hairstyles stood out to you?

Photo Credit" Google & DidiBenamiFansite


Casee Marie said...

I've only seen AI once this year, but I think I remember her. She's lovely! I adore the hairstyle, especially in those last pictures. She looks like she has perfect hair! And I love the outfits you posted here. The belted look and those black book, so cute!


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