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Easter fashion

Finding a gift card in your wallet that you completely forgot about is one of the most exciting feelings. Recently I found a Kohl's gift card in my wallet and decided that I'd use it for something new to wear on Easter since I hadn't purchased anything yet. Now Kohl's is not my favorite place, but I will say that I was very successful in finding an adorable dress for only $15.00!

They had this and many others in the same style with various prints, and all shades of colors. I fell for the combination of colors and beautiful floral bodice on this dress (I believe it was the only one like it).

I'm sure they still have many in stock as I just purchased mine last Wednesday. Just take note that the price may have gone up a bit.

My husband and I yesterday on Easter Sunday. <3

What did you wear? Care to share? Comment with a link to your photo!


Casee Marie said...

You're so adorable! Such a cute dress, too, and your hair looks so pretty. I tend to love some of the lines at Kohl's - Apt. 9, Daisy Fuentes and Elle in particular - but sometimes I feel slightly unoriginal because they tend to be everywhere.

That being said, though, they do have cute clothes for great prices; and I happened to wear a camisole and cardigan from there on Easter! ;) I'll have to see if I can make it up on Polyvore since I didn't get a picture of my full outfit.

Jen said...

Aww, thanks so much Casee! Kohl's is usually a hit or miss for me. That is, whenever I'm there which isn't often. I did notice some AIW pieces while I was there. Did you know about that?

I'd love to see what you were wearing! That's funny we were both wearing something from there.


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