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Kruger in Vogue UK

I apologize for the lack in posts. Over the weekend I had my wisdom teeth extracted and being on vicodin and ibuprofen is messing me with a little. I hope to be back in full swing by the beginning of next week.


Most of you know the beautiful and bold Diane Kruger was featured in the Vogue UK issue in early April. While some of her photos were in my opinion not very attractive, there were a couple that I actually liked on her. Diane always seems to pull off styles that you would never see yourself wearing and I love the way she experiments with different pieces.

In this photo the first thing I thought of was that she was playing some character in a period piece film. Even though I'm not particularly fond of the hat, I feel she really pulls this look off and I love the dark hair on her!

Now this I really, really like! I think it would've been fun if they had put her on a horse, along with a grassy field and some large trees. I've always wanted to try on one of these top hats and a long black coat. Women seemed to look more confident and sophisticated wearing these pieces. Don't you think?

You can see the rest of the photos from this issue here.

For fun I created a modernized version of this look with Polyvore. I hope you enjoy it! Please also join our Polyvore Group if you haven't yet. We need 30 members before we can hold contests!

Image Credit: Fascination Kruger


Casee Marie said...

I love this photoshoot! I especially love the shot where she's wearing the suit and fedora. It's very classic Hollywood, but with a masculine vibe (and trading out a cigarette for a tube of lipstick is brilliantly feminine). The top hat in that second picture is so pretty as well.

Your Polyvore set is so creative and perfect! Wonderful job!


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