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Siobhan's Style

Since Americal Idol Season 9 started it seems that Siobhan Magnus has been experimenting with different styles ranging from "nightmare-ish" to "looks good on you". I'm going to briefly talk about a few of her fashion choices.

Even though the dress she's wearing in the photo above isn't the best I've ever seen I think she looks absolutely darling. I love the colors on her, and wow... those heels! She looks like a little princess.

On Tuesday night she came out in a large white lacey dress combined with a thick grey vest covering the entire bodice along with clunky white boots. Again, I've run into the problem of there not being enough pictures of a contestant's most recent performance, so it makes it hard to look over this bizarre outfit...

The dress seems to be lovely. I like the lace and the layers. The vest is an odd combination but I think it honestly looks good. I mean, I'm really liking the look although I could never see myself walking out of my apartment like that, ESPECIALLY in those boots. Her hair on the other hand is simply breathtaking! She was sparkling while singing "Across the Universe" on a shimmering stage.

Ladies, keep in mind that not every single item found at Forever21 is a great piece. Indeed this blue dress is from Forever21 although I couldn't find the link, but I'm sure if you shop online you've seen it before. Overall I really don't like this dress on her, and the necklace and hair-do really don't match. MAYBE the dress would look better on someone else along with a different hair-style.

She looks so cute in this colorful floral dress! I also love her hair! It's simple and natural. I think it's refreshing to see a less complicated look on her every now and then.

Just look at that hair! I feel that the color totally works for her, and I love her make-up, especially the light pink lips! Siobhan is definitely unique and while I love that she wears so many different styles I think she needs to be careful in what she chooses. I think there's a fine line from having different tastes and looking like you've come from the circus. There are times when I'm observing what she's wearing and think "Oh, that's cute. ...wait is that Buddha on her jeans?" or "Cute hair, cute dress/outfit, but OMG the shoes! Why?". I can't help but feel like she chooses something amazing and then ruins the entire look with her shoes or something else that looks completely out of place.

What do you think of Siobhan's style? Which outfit did you really like?

Image Credit LA Times & Google


Casee Marie said...

Aw, she's a doll! I love her hair, especially in the second-to-last picture. The volume in the back and the longer layers in the front are so absolutely chic.

For me, fashion is an art and that means it doesn't have to make sense. Sometimes it's just about using your imagination and connecting to it on your own level. (That actually has a lot to do with my Friday Fame post for tomorrow - I'm excited!) So the lacy dress with the big clunky boots, that fascinates me a bit. Granted I wouldn't walk down the street in that, but I think it's very interesting to look at. If that makes any sense?

Anyway, wonderful post! She's got a very inspirational and fun style!

Jen said...

"For me, fashion is an art and that means it doesn't have to make sense."

I completely agree with that, but I think there is such a thing as going to far. I personally couldn't wear what she chose this week. A dress with a pair of boots definitely works but I didn't like her choice.

Jen said...

Oh and btw, I can't wait to see your post!

Kiki said...

She really is adorable. I do like the one with the blue dress but it's weird how the dress looks like a party dress and her hairstyle is pretty relaxed. I do have to say that the contrast is interesting but I think if you want to make a contrast like that she should've stepped it up a little? Don't know.
I usually like a bit of funky/kooky/eclectic style so I'm curious as to what she'll do next :)


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