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Volume: Then and now

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Hair. Volume. So many different possibilities. I'm such a fan.

I love comparing the volume that we see now to the volume women displayed back in the day. I think the photo above is so gorgeous! Sure, she has hair extensions but whoever said that was a bad thing? Any sort of drama you add to your hair-do is going to be eye catching and beautiful.

Even though today's volume is much more modern looking the photo below is (I feel) similar to the one above. We see that same elegance and poise the volume creates, not to mention the lovely big round curls and bumps.

And then of course, the most popular form of adding volume is created with teasing. Lots and lots of it! Oh, and don't forget the hairspray ;)

You can count on more posts like these in the future along with some of my own photos. In the mean time, tell us what you think and feel free to email me your own photos of your big beautiful hair!


Casee Marie said...

Lovely! Volume is such a beautiful thing. I wish my hair teased properly, but I can't seem to get it to happen. I have very thick, heavy hair and with the length it is now it just gets weighed down.

Oh, and I absolutely love the pictures you chose! Especially that last one, it's amazing (:

Anonymous said...

I loovvee this post! I wish I knew how to get hair like the pics above. No matter how much I tease my hair it doesn't seem to work. The last pic is super cool as well. Maybe I will try this look out. <3 H


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