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The Fabulous Falsies

When it comes to mascara, I don’t fool around. Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara (you’ll remember it as the one that’s been around forever, with the same pink bottle and lime green cap) is my tried-and-true staple. I’ve come to the point where I don’t even bother with the flashy new collagen-infused ditties. However, I have to admit that a new one caught my eye (no pun intended) and since it was on sale, I decided to go for it. It’s Maybelline’s new The Falsies mascara, and while nothing beats my old stand-by I do have to admit that I’m enjoying it. The details go a little something like this:

The Falsies Mascara delivers a false lash look; giving you a full set of voluminous, bold, fanned out lashes and the appearance of no gaps from any angle.

The Pro-Keratin and Fibre enriched formula is designed to deliver immediate results, distributing volume and visible intensity to your lashes. The patented ‘Spoon’ shaped brush helps fan lashes out.

The Falsies Mascara is designed to give the appearance of no gaps and spaces. In a wink lashes you didn’t even know you had look visibly thickened!

- Maybelline.co.uk

I didn’t really believe it would work, but I’m rather impressed. Here’s an idea of what it looks like on:

Traditionally, I use around seven or eight coats of Great Lash, but it only took two coats of The Falsies to get this look. I don’t usually like spoon-shaped (or any “unique”-shaped) brushes with my mascara – I’m of the opinion that a standard wand can become a magic wand when the right technique is applied – and while I’m still not completely in love with the brush itself, I do see how it helps give the lashes a fanned look. All-in-all, I consider myself a fan of The Falsies and I absolutely recommend giving it a try if you want the look of false lashes without hassle. It’s definitely an impressive creation from the brilliant beauty suppliers who brought us America’s #1 mascara.

Have you tried Maybelline’s The Falsies mascara (available in drugstores)? Let us know your thoughts and how you think it compares to false lashes!


Jen said...

I used to use Max Factor Mascara all the time. From what I've seen and read a lot of people use it in Hollywood too. Sadly, they stopped carrying the brand in all my nearest Wal-Mart stores (they also used to have it at Target, then it was only available at Wal-Mart).

I decided to try the Colossal Volume Express Waterproof by Maybelline. I love it, so I'm sure I'd probably like the Falsies too and I just might try it sometime. I always seem to forget to coat on layers when I'm applying mascara (probably 'cause I'm always in a hurry whenever I'm going somewhere) but thanks for the reminder! I'm going to see how many coats it takes with mine and compare it to the Falsies. I'm figuring by the name it'll beat mine ;)

Great post and love the photo of your eyes. You're lovely and those eyelashed are truly AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!

Casee Marie said...

Aw, thanks Jen! I think I have kind of thick lashes so one coat never really covers for me. I also read - ages and ages ago, in perhaps my first style magazine - that Alicia Keys's make-up artists uses the Great Lash and applies something like ten coats. I always loved her eyes so I just sort of followed that, and it worked. But this gives a different, more voluminous look in far less coats. It's a lot of fun. I don't think I've ever tried the Colossal Volume. I should look into that to compare.

I don't think I've ever used Max Factor, but now that I really think about it I don't think I've seen it around the make-up aisles! I wonder why that is...

Definitely let me know what you think of The Falsies!

Hundy and Undy said...

I was using their colossal volum express in the bright yellow container. I loved that one! Then I just decided to grab this "falsies" one when I saw it for only six bucks at CVS. I love the length it gives and the separation! I do, however, miss the volume from the colossal... I may try to double up on them. Wiggle the colossal at the roots then hit the ends with the falsies. :)


Jen said...

Casee - I've only ever seen Max Factor at Target and Wal-Mart. I'm not familiar of any other place that has that brand. You could check out their website though ;) I have some of their lipsticks and eyeshadows as well.

Hundy & Undy - That's the mascara I use! I think a combination of both is a cool idea!

Casee Marie said...

Mixing the mascaras is a brilliant idea! I've done that a few times in the past - I've even used the wand from one brand with the mascara from another. Sometimes finding the perfect mascara takes a bit of improvisation ;)

Jen, I'll take a look, thanks! (:


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