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Friday Fame: Ashley Greene

I'm not always a fan of Ashley's fashion choices but I love the elegant look she displayed in her grey Alexis Mabille gown at the Twilight Eclipse Premeire. It's probably one of the most simple dresses I've seen, but I think it's lovely even if it looks like someone wrapped a sheet around her in certain shots. It's flowy and very Goddess-like. What do you think?

Some of the other cast members weren't quite as modest looking, including Elizabeth Reaser and Nikki Reed who both looked far from classy. Kristen Stewart dressed it up a little but desperately needed some length added to the dress.

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Image Source: Ashleyfreaks.org


minnja said...

She looks beautiful :)


Jen said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so ;)

Thanks for visiting!

Casee Marie said...

I love her profile. She has such a cute little nose and such a pretty face. And I also love her hair here. The highlights are a little intense, but they're still rather pretty and I love the waves.

I think the dress is kind of fun being as simple as it is. It's refreshing to see a girl with something loose and flowy, more romantic. The only other dress from the premiere that I've seen was Kristen's and I agree, it was just...blah. I've never really been a fan of her style anyway. Ashley I haven't seen much of but she seems to always look very put-together and lovely. (:


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