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Friday Fame: Ginger Rogers

Whenever I think of true style I think of old Hollywood films and a time when women were beautiful, elegant and seductive without showing 80% of their skin.

My favourite lady of the 30s and 40s is Ginger Rogers, best known for her dancing partnership with Fred Astaire in movies such as Swing Time, Top Hat and Shall we Dance. A lot of people consider her to be Astaire's finest dance partner, complimenting him with her light feet and more importantly her talent as both a comedic and a dramatic actress.

According to Astaire, when they were first teamed together in Flying Down to Rio, "Ginger had never danced with a partner before. She faked it an awful lot. She couldn't tap and she couldn't do this and that... but Ginger had style and talent and improved as she went along. She got so that after a while everyone else who danced with me looked wrong."

After ten films together with Astaire she expanded her range, earning a Best Actress Oscar for her dramatic performance in Kitty Foyle.

When it comes to her style she was glamorous and fun on-set and more of a tomboy off the set. She loved playing tennis and even got an ATP ranking and was also an accomplished artist and excelled at both painting and sculpting.

Are there actresses from old Hollywood that you look to for style inspiration?

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Jen said...

Wonderful post! I have to admit I didn't know much about her until I read this. She looks very familiar to me though. Do you know if she played the character of Amy in one of the older versions of Little Women?

Kiki said...

I'm glad you like it. No I don't think she was in a version of Little Women. Are you a fan of older movies?

Casee Marie said...

Fantastic post! Even though I've loved classic Hollywood since I was little, Ginger is one of the stars that I don't know much about. I've seen a lot of Fred Astaire movies, but ironically none of the ones with her. I think the only film I've seen her in is 42nd Street. I need to remedy that.

You probably already know who my favorite old Hollywood actress is, but aside from the obvious (and justly fabulous) Audrey, I love Lucille Ball, Ingrid Bergman, Barbara Stanwyck, Katharine Hepburn and Vivien Leigh. I also get a lot of inspiration from the gentleman of old Hollywood - such as Cary Grant, Laurence Olivier, Dean Martin and Paul Newman. They all had such fantastic style. I feel like people in that era had such a polished and just generally "finished" look about them. They really knew their own style, they didn't let what was popular dictate to them, you know?


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