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Nail time!

Every time I put nail polish on I think about how my best friend and I would trade nail polish like trading cards. That was so many years ago, and I still have some of the ones I traded for! I'm not sure they would work so well now, but anyways...

Lacquerized is a blog all about nail polish. You will find some of the most beautiful colors displayed on the authors own fingernails for the perfect look at what the magical colors in the bottles will look like on your own hands.

She also has great tips on the most convenient way to apply nail polish, getting rid of cuticles and more. Everything is so fun to look at and browse through!

I'm seriously thinking about buying some new nail polish now that I've found this blog. I couldn't even tell you the last one I bought.

Let us know what you think!


Karen said...

I love painting my nails! It's pretty much my favorite form of procrastination. My roommate and I are always buying new bottles of nail polish and painting our nails while watching TV. This blog looks like it'd be really useful because as much as I love to paint my nails, I'm pretty fail at doing it neatly.

Casee Marie said...

Perfect post! I love painting my nails, but they always chip after just a few days. I've tried several different base and top coats, and I even tried keeping my nails short but they still manage to chip. I'm anxious to try some of the products on that blog. (:


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