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Portman New Face of Dior

Natalie Portman looked beautiful in a Dior pale pink guipure lace dress at the 2010 AFI Life Achievement Award ceremony just last Thursday.

Speaking of which, Natalie is going to be the new face of Christian Dior’s line of perfumes meaning that she’ll appear in print and possibly TV ads in the near future (the previous starlet for Dior was Charlize Theron).

Back to the pink lace dress! First, I love the details of the flowered pattern and how they seem to pop out. It's very flattering. I absolutely love this style dress on her and especially the pale cotton candy color! I wouldn't have chosen that black hand bag with the awkward looking ribbon, it seems so out of place. Also with her dress being covered in flowers I don't think choosing a hand bag with a flower on it was a wise choice. It's a little too much. Her hair and make-up however is stunning! Perfect for a Summer look!

Look at those darling heels! Everything about her is so feminine and fun. I love so much of what she choosed to wear! What do you think?

You can find many more pictures from this event at Natalie-Portman.org.


Casee Marie said...

Cute! For some reason I don't always recognize her with her hair down. I feel like so often on red carpets she's got an elegant little up-do going on. Anyway, this is such a cute look. The black bag...yeah, that's a little weird, I agree. I don't quite know why she went with that, but it's something different and different is always fun. (:


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