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Christian Dior Fall 2010 Couture Collection

This particular collection of extravagant dresses and coats are truly amazing in both style and color. I couldn't help but think of the Forever 21 Twist collection while browsing through these (although the Couture Collection is much more on the dramatic side). As many of you know, Twist was inpsired by none other than Alice in Wonderland, which I also compared this collection to. All the pieces, I feel, have a very whimscal look. This makes them even more interesting, even with the awkward plastic head-wraps around the models heads which almost look like head pieces rather than hair. Style.com says "Part of his research involved studying real flowers, spending an hour watching the light change on a parrot tulip, for instance. That partly explained the collection's wonderful colors, especially the vibrancy of the dégradé effects.". This definitely helps explain the hair!

There were 31 fantastic dresses and coats and I somehow chose 8 of my favorite dresses and 1 favorite coat to share with you. If you haven't seen them all, you can find a slideshow at Style.com.

Model - JAC
I love this color combination and the design of the ruffled skirt. I have always been a fan of skirts that are longer in the back and shorter in the front. This dress makes me think "Mermaid" and that's probably a huge reason why I love it so much, besides the colors. I especially love the little pop of yellow on the waist.

Model - Jacquelyn Javlonski
This dress is probably the most normal piece you'll find in the collection. There are so many things I love. Obviously the floral pattern and the off-the-shoulder look along with the flowy skirt. I love how light it seems to be. The red bow is a fun accent, but I think it'd also look just fine without it.

Model - Lais Ribeiro
This is so simple and cute. It has a very flower-ish feel and I like how it almost seems like it was thrown together and bunched up. Casee and I talked about how darling this would look on Zoe Saldana. The color is perfect for her.

Model - Siri Tollerod
The dress isn't really my favorite, but I LOVE the colors so I had to post it. Oh, and the gloves = Amazing. They're perfect and I actually think they help make this dress. If there were no gloves, I probably wouldn't have posted it.

Model -Viviane Orth
I like this dress and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the colors? I think this could even be made into a cute summer dress if you took the purple tulle away and lengthened the floral ruffly top a bit. I just like it, but I wouldn't say I love it.

Model - Georgiana Stojilkovic
I think I would like this dress a lot more if the top wasn't so big. I feel like it's almost drowning her. However, I do love the contrast of the bright colors against the black. The colors are truly remarkable, almost like a rainbow reflecting on a river on a sunny day. It almost seems like this is one of those dresses that light up. Casee and I couldn't figure it out!

Model -Michelle Alves
This dress is so fun. It reminds me of Cotton Candy or something really sweet. The colors are beautiful and I really love the use of the pink fabric. The way it's draped to the side makes it very Princess-like.

Model - Kim Noorda
WOW! I adore the style of this dress! The many layers and ruffles, different colors and patterns gives you so much to look at! I see someone like Diane Kruger, Keira Knightley or even Kirsten Dunst wearing this. Random choices, I know, but that's what I visualize. This is probably my favorite of the ball gowns in this collection.

Model - Maria Kashleva
It was so hard to choose a coat, but I had to go with this bouncy-like blue coat. I do NOT like the big bulgy feathers on top. I think if it were toned done a lot or didn't have any at all, it'd be perfect. I would totally wear it if they made this alteration. Just for the record, I really loved the bright yellow coat on Olga Sherer. Take away the feathers and I'd wear that one too.

Do you like any of my picks? Which are your favorites?


Kuosi said...

OMG. i thought the exactly same when i saww this collection! I love it, just so amazingly interesting! :) xx

Casee Marie said...

I love the genius of the plastic wrap-inspired head pieces - it's like an upside-down florist's arrangement! Such a brilliant idea. I was even starting to try to match the type of flower to the dress at one point. Galliano really outdid himself with this collection.

After looking at Georgiana's dress some more, I think it's just a really phenomenal application of colors. The effect is so stunning. And the black underneath almost adds more depth to the light colors. I love that one.

And I love the one on Kim! It looks so flowery and dramatic. So incredibly glam.

Overall, I like the entire collection as a whole. It's such an inventive idea, and each piece has so much character and personality. And I'd love to know how they got the models' hair to stay like that. (:

Wonderful post, Jen!

Jen said...

Kuosi - I'm so glad you like the collection! It's very inspiring.

Casee - I'm not exactly sure how I feel about the head pieces, at least some of them. It is very creative though!

Yes! I want a dress that has those same colors as Georgiana's. Is's so beautiful.

Sheray-Amy said...

I'm so in love with this collection. I'm definitely one for the bright and the dramatic. I'd kill to wear one of those amazing gowns.
♥ Sheray.


Jen said...

Thanks for visiting! Yes, I would absolutely LOVE to wear one of these. I've dreamed of runway, that's for sure.


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