Coco Rocha for Numero

Today I thought I’d share one of my absolute favorite editorials, Coco Rocha for Numero (issue #88). Coco is one of my favorite models; she’s always so expressive and has so much character which makes her perfect for this particular photoshoot.

The designs present her as a lovely little harlequin doll, as you can clearly tell. As much as I love the clothes, her make-up is what draws me the most to this shoot.

How pretty and flawless is this?

I also love the photography by Sølve Sundsbø. The pink and peachy hue is so soft and romantic!

There’s so much tulle in these particular shots, I love it. So full of whimsy! The entire photoshoot feels very nostalgic, almost like a fairytale. I often try to achieve a sort of porcelain look with my make-up, so this is such a fun and inspiring editorial to me!

I hope you all enjoyed these photographs as well. Has an editorial or photoshoot ever stood out to you? Tell us why!


  1. Wow, the make-up work is incredibly flawless. She really does look like an old fashioned porcelain doll.

    Make-up can be so artsy and even though people wouldn't normally wear these looks out they're always perfect for photoshoots!

    I really like the third and last photo (she looks liked a bride in the last one). They're my favorites. I think the second and fourth photos are a bit creepy, lol.

  2. So glad you like them! Exactly, these are kind of "extreme" so they're interesting to look at and a source of inspiration to draw from. It would be fun to try a kind of toned-down, natural version of this or something.

    The third is the one that drew me to the editorial originally, it's definitely my favorite. Haha, yes some of them are kind of creepy! Like the one in the fourth set with the black on her eyes. I feel like that's less Pretty Porcelain Doll and more...Chucky? But I love it for the dress and veil and for her darling expression. (:

  3. just found your blog, love it!<3

    xo Lynzy

  4. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting, Lynzy!