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Friday Fame: Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks is currently on the cover of LA Times Magazine, and I think that these shots are absolutely gorgeous. She is often noted for her hourglass figure, but I love that instead of focusing on that, these pictures are head shots, bringing the focus to her other features and to some bold accessories. The makeup here is flawless, and the collar necklaces are so eye catching. I think the hats are fabulous too. All in all, this is a stunning photoshoot.

Image credit: www.stylelist.com


Jen said...

Wow! I love these shots! Her make-up is definitely flawless, and those necklaces are incredible. I'd love to do a photoshoot like this.

Casee Marie said...

LOVE HER. And I love this photoshoot. It's refreshing to see the focus on something other than her figure, fabulous though it is. These pictures make you notice the other elements to her beauty, like her eyes. So incredibly pretty!

Lovely post (:

TruGlamGuzzie said...

I love her love her!! Her character on Mad Men is such a strong woman. I don't know if you all follow the show but did you notice how everything was in shambles once she left? I would love to imagine she's like that in real life, she's plays the part all too well!

P.S. You are now being fashionable followed by yours truly


Jen said...

Thanks for visiting SHE and for following us!

I myself have never watched the show but recent promo shots of the lovely characters and their costumes has definitely got my interested.

Will be visiting your blog as well :)

Casee Marie said...

She's definitely the strongest and all-around best character on the show, in my opinion. Some of the others just don't seem to know what they're about. Joanie is the ultimate woman, she can handle just about anything (:


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