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Friday Fame: Keira Knightley

While there are a few things about Keira Knightley that irritate me, there are photos she has taken and roles she has played that I really like. I've been browsing through many photos of her and I found many that I have never seen and thought I'd share a few of them with you. They are from Keira-Knightley.org.

These first two are from Flare Magazine which were taken almost two years ago...

Doesn't she look like a Porcelain Doll? I love the color and pattern of the dress. I think this would've been lovely taken in the forest or some place real green.

I love her hair, and the design of the dress looks very unique and fun. I wish there was a full body shot so we could what the rest of it looks like!

I am not sure when this was taken or which magazine it was in, but I love it. The pearls add so much "classy" to this shot.

Is there a photoshoot of Keira Knightley or a magazine scan that you really love? Share it with us!


Kiki said...

I think that my favourite Keira shoot is one by Sarah Maingot:
She looks so elegant and pretty in that. Love the hair and makeup :)

Jen said...

Aww, yes I love those as well! She looks so natural and pretty.

mckenzietruman said...

Love her! Especially in the Duchess and Pride and Prejudice. What about her irrates you?

Thanks for the sweet comment! :)

Jen said...

I haven't seen her in The Duchess, but I love her in P&P!

There's a few things I don't like. Her acting annoys me in some movies and I feel like she puckers up her lips up way too much in film. When you see her talking in an interview or something it isn't as bad. Maybe it's her acting quirk? I don't know, but it's so distracting to me. I also just don't like some of the things she's said, she seems a little more on the wild side, which isn't always bad... I don't want to sound like I'm judging her, and it probably sounds that way :/

Casee Marie said...

I once read that her lip puckering is due to years of playing the clarinet as a child. ;) Not sure if that's true.

Anyway, love her. Great post, Jen! I remember that last shot from ages ago. It was always one of my favorites. I used to know every shoot she'd done, I was such a huge fan. Looking at the more recent ones, I love the Entertainment Weekly shoot with James McAvoy from 2009 and the Glamour shoot from 2008. Oh and the one from The Guardian in 2008 - I want her hair in that one! So pretty.

Jen said...

Hmm, that's very interesting. I wonder if that could happen? It just seems like she does it more in movies.

Oh yes, I JUST saw one of the shoots with James McAvoy and uploaded one of them for "Picture Perfect".

I love the dark hair color on her in some of her more recent photos.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that's true about the lip puckering being due to playing the clarinet. My mom played it all through junior high and high school and she doesn't have a lip puckering problem. Who knows though right? Everybody is different. (I Played the flute btw! LOL)

I think my favorite shoot is the one where she's on the stairs and it's been iconed a million times.

Kiki said...

I thought she played the flute? And in a way that would make sense, some of my friends did that too sometimes...

I love the dark hair on her too, looks lovely.


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