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Organize Your Bling!

Yesterday I got this fantastic jewelry organizer from Target! It swivels around to reveal compartments on both sides so there’s plenty of room for all your pretty pieces. Everything fits so wonderfully and the transparent pouches make it easy to see everything. This is much easier than my previous organizer, a flat little box that can be stored in a drawer or under a bed. With my old organizer I ended up wearing the same pieces all the time because I didn’t want to root through the clutter. This is much nicer!

Here’s another piece I have, which I got from Urban Outfitters. It probably won't hold your entire collection, but it’s perfect if you have specific things that you like to wear often. And it’s perfectly adorable! Urban Outfitters has so many stylish options for showing off your jewelry. Check out their complete line of organizers at their web site. I love the Peacock Feather Mirror stand in particular.

Another thing I’ve seen other people do to organize their jewelry is to drape necklaces on a vintage-inspired bust from a home goods store like TJ Maxx – some of them come with really unique fabrics and opulent designs. The possibilities are endless!

Do you have a unique, fun way of organizing your jewelry? Send us your pictures, or post them to our Facebook!


Jen said...

Target is the best, isn't it? I love this jewelry organizer. I would definitely need a few of them to hold all of my jewelry but I like that it holds a lot. It makes it so easy to find the pieces you're looking for, like you stated. Do you have it hanging in your closet?

I know I've seen your other jewelry holder from UO before, and I love it! It's definitely good for the pieces that won't tarnish (not even sure if that's the right word) by sitting out. I have a lot of Cookie Lee jewelry and a few other pieces that have to be kept closed in individual bags.

Kiki said...

I love the one from UO. They do have really pretty organisers on their website. Mine are all jumbled as well... I always wear the same pieces.

Casee Marie said...

I think this one has 48 pouches so I actually have room to spare with it, but then I have quite a lot of jewelry out that I need to clean because it either tarnished (I have a lot of costume jewelry and a few Cookie Lee and Lia Sophia pieces that will do that) or needs to be repaired. This one keeps the jewelry covered very well, and yes I did put it in the closet! Haha. I thought it might help to keep some pieces from tarnishing.

The Urban Outfitters organizers are a little less practical, but I think they go a long way in adding style to a room. And if I remember right, this one was only $10. (:


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