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Painted Black

Last night as I was looking through my nail polish I came upon a black glittery color from Wet 'n' Wild. To my knowledge they still carry nail polish but I know the bottles must've been updated by now. I think I got that color when I was in Jr. High or High school! My toe nails had previously been a dark blue and I desperately needed to paint them again. So, I chose the black glittery color (I don't think I ever used it before) and liked how it turned out so much that I decided to paint my finger nails the same color.

Now, I usually use the colored nail polish only on my toes. I like to stick with light nude or glossy colors on my fingernails just because of how much I fail at painting them. Yes, it's true! I did my finger nails over and over last night! I was literally getting the black all over my fingers. They didn't come out perfect, but I guess they're good enough!

I honestly love the black. It's something different and fun. At first I was thinking it might look a little Goth-like which I didn't want but I think the length of my nails and my pretty wedding ring make it look more feminine than I expected (lol!).

Try new things and not just with nail polish! You just might like the results!


Casee Marie said...

You are so incredibly cute! I love this post - - and I love your fan, by the way. ;)

Black nail polish is one of my favorite things. I got so into wearing either black or white over winter that I've really had a hard time letting go of it in the summer. The best thing about it is that it goes with everything! Right now I have a sort of Tiffany blue on my toes, but if I wear any other color of clothing I feel like it all clashes. Black really adds that wonderful little finish to any outfit. It probably sounds silly, but I feel so much more "put together" with it. It's like the perfect accessory!

And I've also heard that keeping your nails short with dark colors makes them look less dramatic, but I like the longer look on you. It's very glam, very lovely. (:

Anonymous said...

I have a fan just like that! LOL it's on my bathroom wall. Makes me want to take pics with it!


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