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Slouchie Beret

Yesterday as I was shopping for my neices in Target *insert heavenly music here* I came upon a great deal! Previously, I had found this multi-colored mustard yellow hat for $9.99. A wonderful price, but doesn't $2.48 sound even more amazing? Yes, I couldn't believe it either! I'm sure my eyes widened as they usually do when I find a deal like this. There were actually sales all over the place yesterday. Was there something I missed or is just those regular Summer sales that happen? Anyhow, here are a few pictures of me and my new hat...

(This is a goofy and very crooked shot! lol!)

I'm so happy about my new hat! It's so light and floppy and perfect for a summer night and the colder seasons which currently seem so far away!


Casee Marie said...

I love this! You're so cute, and you're totally rocking the beret. I love the color! And I also love the price! I wonder if the summer things will start to go on sale as they need to make room for all the fall clothes and accessories. (They always put them into stores so early, I think.)

Adorable post (:

Kiki said...

As Casee said: you're totally rocking the beret. And that mustardy yellow looks amazing on you :)

Sweet said...

As what I have mentioned in your Delance profile, you are just as gorgeous as the beret...love the necklace as well...

take care love

I am new here, so keep the post coming coz I will be your regular visitor.

Take Care gorgeous!

Asteria said...

i didnt think it was nice when i saw the first pic, but after i saw you wear em, the hat actually looks nice and loving the colour!!:)

Jen said...

Kiki - Thanks hon! I'm really liking the color. I think I have only a couple of items in this color, including a bag also from Target!

Sweet- Aww, thanks! You are so sweet! The posts will most definitely be continuing. There is a new post from one of us here Mon-Fri.

Asteria - I'm glad you ended up liking it! I think it looks way better on than it does just looking at it. I think it's because it's not your normal color.

monA.mie ♥ said...

Your Beautiful. :)

Ans said...

Love the hat!!!!!

Jen said...

monA.mie - Awww, thank you :)

Ans - Thanks girl! Glad you like it!


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