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Ok, I know that it is almost halfway through the month of August and therefore it might seem to be a bit out of season to make a post about sunglasses, but I am of the firm belief that sunglasses are a year round accessory!

I just got my laptop (with webcam!) back from being repaired today, so you guys are going to be treated to me mugging for my webcam to show off a couple of my pairs of sunglasses.

Maybe it's because I was born and raised in sunny Southern California, but sunglasses are part of my daily wardrobe. I always throw a pair on before leaving the house.

Unfortunately, I have a major tendency to either loose my sunglasses or break them. Thus, I refuse to spend more than $20 on a pair of sunglasses. I've had a lot of luck finding cheap pairs of cute sunglasses at American Eagle, H&M, and Target, so I look good wearing them, but I don't feel too badly when I inevitably break them or leave them somewhere.

I do, however, LOVE to try on sunglasses that are way out of my price range. When I lived in London, I used to go to the sunglasses section of the major high end department stores like Harrods or Selfridges and try on all kinds of sunglasses and fantasize about the day I might have enough money to afford them.

What about you? Are sunglasses a part of your daily wardrobe? Do you invest in expensive designer sunglasses or are you content with cheap ones from Target? What are you favorite brands?


J said...

love them, totally agree why spend hundreds when they are so easy to loose
i recently had a dior knock off, as usual they got lost and have been searching for a similar style ever since
just my luck

great blog by the way :)

Jen said...

Yay for pictures of our Karen! These shades are lovely on you!

I don't spend a lot on sunglasses at all. My most recent pair are from Forever 21. I think I got them for like $6 or $8 and they are so buff (lol). I love them! I also have a pair from H&M.

And yes, I always have my sunglasses on me. Lovely post!

Sweet said...

You are so cute with those glasses on and how you projected in front of the webcam wow!!!! really nice...

love it!!!

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Take care always
kisses and much love

Casee Marie said...

Love this post! You're adorable. I love those sunnies on you, too. Especially the second pair. I've never spent a lot of money on sunglasses. I can't take them seriously enough to spend a fortune on them; they're the most fun part of my wardrobe. I have a cute white pair that's reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn in How To Steal A Million, and those are Simply Vera by Vera Wang for Kohls. They were maybe $10. TJ Maxx is a great place to find designer sunglasses at inexpensive prices, though. :)


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