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Vintage Vogue

With all the talk we've been doing about Vogue this week I thought it would be absolutely appropriate to share these vintage advertisements that I just came across tonight - they're from Vogue in the 1950s!

Vintage style - especially from the 1950s - is so timeless. The ladies were so classy, elegant and truly glamorous. My favorite is probably the striking profile shot. There's such a strong significance to it, and the black-and-white just amplifies the intensity. It shows how absolutely captivating and dramatic the style was from the era.

What do you think of these shots, ladies? Any favorites?



Jen said...

Oh Casee, these are phenominal! I can't get over the beauty of these photos. The last one is my favorite. Those white puffy sleeves! So fantastic!

mary louise said...

oh my goodness i love this. it's amazing. following :) i hope you visit my blog and do the same!

kaitlyn said...

the last picture is so elegant. i love vintage cigarette holders.

Gabrielle said...

My favorite is the last picture! She looks so elegant, and poised, and classy. I sometimes wish women still dressed this way.

APieceOfCrap said...

great post!

Take a peek! Our first blog.

best regards from Sweden :)

Sweet said...

WOW vintage loving via VOGUE just amazing...loving it...

great photos!!!


Jen said...


Hello new visitors! Thanks for stopping by!


The good old days! Love them so much!so much elegance and style.


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