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White as Snow

My best friend has been to many different parts of the world and will often return with little goodies for me. A few years ago she came back with this super soft white flowy top. I can't remember where she got it, my brain is telling me Italy but I could be wrong. I wore it yesterday with a pair of leggings (I seem to always be wearing these in my posts don't I?) and Guess flip flops. I obviously wasn't exactly ready with my pose when my husband snapped this photo of me. I don't like the way the top looks with the leggings and my legs and feet are positioned so awkwardly. My feet look huge! Maybe it's the angle of the photo? This was the only body shot that came out though, so I'm posting it! In the words of Gallen Lo...

"I am not a perfect person."

Some of you might not see anything wrong with this photo, some of you might, and that is ok. In posting this photo I hope to encourage the rest of you when you see a photo of yourself, that you might not scan the photo for flaws or the mistakes you made while modeling, but look at it an accept who you are. I know I made complaints about myself above, and honestly I almost didn't post the picture but I reminded myself that with this blog I want to be encouraging, and I thought it'd be something benefical to share and learn from. Indeed, there are a couple of things I don't like about the photo, but is it really a horrible picture? No. It's me, and even though I might not have posed the best way or even paired the top with the right set of pants (the top looks a little short), it's still a pretty photo and I can learn from the minor mistakes I made.

I purchased these Guess Flip Flops almost two years ago while shopping for my wedding. I wanted to get flip flops for my reception just in case my heels hurt my feet. Thankfully, I was able to keep my heels on all night, and ended up with an extra pair of shoes! They are extremely comfortable and squishy, I love them!

Do you think negatively while looking in the mirror or at a picture of yourself? Be positive and begin looking for the things you like about yourself! Eventually you will learn to accept who you are as a whole, and you will shine even more because of it!


Anonymous said...

I love the photo. It is very pretty.

thelayeredpancake said...

i think this photograph is pretty because your pose is so unguarded! It's perfect light too.

.Alyspank said...

Wonderfully written!

-Weezy from http://beautysimplistic.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I agree, that picture was perfect for sharing, just to show that you're a normal person. That you're real and not trying to put yourself off as something you're not. :) That was very encouraging for me.

Jen said...

Thank you, Annie!

thelayeredpancake - So true. I didn't even think of that. Thanks :)

Alyspank - Thanks for visiting and for the comment!

Aww, I'm glad Gabbie!

Reyna♥ said...

Your photo is so pretty (:

Asteria said...

you look beautiful in the photo, and yes most of us tend to look at our flaws when we should really be focusing on our wonderfulness :)

Jen said...

Reyna - Thank you, dear :)

Asteria - Thanks so much!


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