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Casee's Tips for Bold Red Lips

I'm a huge fan of the red lip look. Red lipstick is one of my favorite go-to items for instant glam. I've chatted with several people, fellow bloggers included, who say they're afraid to try it and I started to wonder why I'm not intimidated by the shade myself. It's a look that rather demands attention, which isn't something I really go for. I think I'm just drawn to the history behind it. A good red lip always reminds people of the glamorous golden age of Hollywood.

Looking to ladies luck Lucille Ball and Judy Garland for inspiration can be especially helpful when trying out the shade. See how they compensated for the bold color of the lip with softer eye make-up? In my pic above I used a black pencil eyeliner, but just around the outer corners of my eyes for a bit more drama. Normally I wing out black liquid liner on the top lids only and take a white pencil to my waterline, giving the illusion of bigger eyes. I also go for a lightly-applied cheerful red blush to pick up on the lip color. I feel like it ties the color into your look a little more naturally, rather than having this sudden dramatic burst of color on an otherwise pallid complexion.

Here are a few more tips I would suggest to anyone who might be interested in trying the look for the first time.

Exfoliate. - Using a toothbrush or a washcloth, scrub your lips (lightly!) before you begin the make-up process. It will make the lipstick application process so much easier.
Don't skip the foundation. - I think bold lips really look best on an evened-out skin tone. A foundation with good coverage is key not only for the face, but also for the lips. Using your foundation as a primer over your lips gives you a blank canvas to work with and also helps your lipstick hold better throughout the day. (I use both a liquid and a powder to get the closest thing to a porcelain look I can achieve.)
Choose your shade. - Not everyone wants candy apple red on their lips, and that's fine. Spend some time in the drugstore - yes, the drugstore; some people seem to think red lipstick has to be expensive...you can do Revlon! - and really evaluate the shades you see. There are so many different options out there, you're bound to find the one that best suits you.
Real-life "Undo" button. - While you're at the drugstore, invest in some make-up remover (Neutrogena makes a great one). If you've got a good make-up remover there's no wrong that can't be undone. You'll be surprised how much more confident you'll be having that knowledge. Which leads me to the final tip:
Be fearless! - I really think anyone can wear this look if they have the confidence to try it. Go bold and see what happens!

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Please let me know if you try the red lip! I'd love to know how it turns out and if my tips helped at all. If you're already a fan of the look, do you have any tips or techniques to offer?


BlueVanilla said...

Great tips! I love red lips...I do believe it is definitely a statement and glams up most outfits. I have more of a olive skin tone which works best with the red/orange colors :)

Anonymous said...

I love red lips, especially for special occasions. But I have never done candy apple. One tip I'd have is that when I've worn red lipstick I've used a lip liner that matches the natural color of my lips. :)

Closet Fashionista said...

That looks so great! I'm definitely not brave enough for it, haha

Reyna♥ said...

I could never pull off that look! It's soo bold and it looks amazing on others though! (:

Jessica said...

Red lips are such a confidence boost!

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mystreetsweets said...

lovee the red lips, such a cute blog post love!

thelayeredpancake said...

hahaha! i have to give this a try soon.

Anonymous said...

I honestly love the red lips look! Its so fab! You look really pretty. I have never tried this look but I will change that and give this a try! Thank you for sharing this! Love it! =)

Jen said...

I have done it before and I liked the look, then again I have a real light skin tone, but as you said I think anyone who is interested should try it because you never know if they may like it or not.

You look so amazing in the photo you posted! Red lips look fantastic on you!

This tutorial was great. Oh and just out of curiousity which lipstick did you use? Sorry if you mentioned it, I literally just woke up.

Sweet said...

GREAT Tip Casee...you did a pretty good job with the bold red lips...I love red lips as well....I am quite shy to go with the color because I feel that its too tacky but voila!!! i was able to embrace my inner sensual self hahahaha :D


Anna Liesemeyer said...

Nothing more glamorous than bold red lips:)

If only my teeth were sparkly white!
Fabulous tips!


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