FNO: Opening Act & Grand Finale

Ladies, last night something incredible happened! Something females from all around the world have been waiting for! The Fashion's Night Out fashion show! It was held at Lincoln Center in New York on the most insane but gorgeous runway! As fantastic as it was to watch it live, thanks to CBS, it went by extremely fast and the cameras were moving so quickly, it made it difficult to drool over any one specific style because I couldn't concentrate (although I did catch myself gasping a few times!). I wonder if the audience felt the same way? I still need to browse through all 171 looks, and if you're in the same boat as I am, you can look at them here.

In this post I'm going to share with you some of my favorite looks from the Opening Act and the Grand Finale! Please prepare yourselves for extreme major, as Rachel Zoe would call it.

The Opening Act was so grand. I could not have pictured it any other way. To see the Payless Bus pull up with all the models walking from it onto the runway was unbelievable. They were so beautiful and graceful, yet so pumped and ready to walk that runway with the perfect amount of poise and aggretion! I almost died when the rest of the models joined them just a few steps behind in the most flawless formation you've ever seen!

My favorites

Wearing an Oscar de la Renta skirt and Gucci shoes.

Wearing a Monique Lhuillier skirt and Payless shoes

Wearing an Oscar de la Renta skirt and Jimmy Choo shoes

Wearing a Monique Lhuillier skirt and Marc Jacobs shoes

Wearing a Carolina Herrera skirt and Payless shoes

I'm absolutely obessing over the layered/gathered looks. I adore Oscar de le Renta's work and wish I had some of his creations in my wardrobe. I could die over the color that Alessandra is wearing. Amazing right? I love the idea of pairing these simple FNO shirts with glamorous skirts. I also really liked the skirt Gisele B√ľndchen was wearing but felt it was a bit short in the front to post here.

As for the Grand Finale, I honestly can't remember too much. However, one thing that does pop into my head is when the models made their way back onto the bus, lined up on top and started dancing! They were so cute! You could totally tell they were having a blast!

My favorites

Wearing a charcoal Marc Jacobs gown and shoes.

Wearing a grey Oscar de la Renta gown and Jimmy Choo shoes.

Wearing a champagne Oscar de la Renta gown and black Christian Louboutin shoes.
Cameron Diaz wore this same dress at the Oscars!

Wearing an ivory Jason Wu gown and custom Alexandre Birman shoes.

Wearing a pink Louis Vuitton gown and shoes.

Wearing a tulle Marchesa gown and Yves Saint Laurent shoes

I also adore the Christian Dior gown Alessandra Ambrosio was wearing. The color and style were so unique, but the slit in the front seemed to be a little high. Coco Rocha also looked breathtaking in a Louis Vuitton gown. It is actually one of my favorites but it looked like there was a very deep neck-line, so I skipped that one too. I could be wrong, but it was a side view picture so it was hard to tell. If anyone has a straight on photo, I'd love for you to comment with the link!

Share with us what you thought and if any of these are your favorites too!


  1. Such gorgeous stuff!!!
    and yea, I'm gonna try some stuff to make them fit better, they look bigger in the photo, they arent that bad XD

  2. Such a fun night! Oh my gosh, all the skirts were gorgeous but I'm crazy about Coco and Karlie's hair! The curls and the waves, I'm so jealous. My hair is poker straight (unless, of course, I curl it with my flat iron but that takes forever). I actually wasn't a big fan of Gisele's skirt - the front just looked a little awkward up close.

    I love the Louis Vuitton on Angela - it seems like someone has worn that on the red carpet, too. And that last dress on Gisele is so fun. A little less ornate than the other ones, but I love all the tulle.

    I think the Louis Vuitton dress on Coco isn't as low as it looks. (Or if it is, she doesn't have the cleavage to make you notice, haha.) I loved that one, too. Such a gorgeous night full of pretty models and fab fashion!

  3. gasp... Oscar de la Renta and Jason Wu... I worship! Fab!
    xo tash

  4. Great coverage Jen. I can't wait for Friday night!!!


  5. ooo payless is looking for a makeover. love this.

  6. WOW loving all the gowns...what a great event...Just simply amazing!!!

    thanks for the information darling!!!!


  7. These are stunning!!! I love the long flowy style!!

  8. I loved the gown Naomi Campbell was wearing. So gorgeous. If I was allowed to be a princess for a night I think that's what I would have worn. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

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  9. ..awwww ...I can't even tell which is my favorite gown ..I love the first one and number 4 skirt element is perfection ..
    ..so beautiful ..

    Ellinelle xxx

  10. It sounds so fab! I'm in love with the dress Naomi Campbell is wearing :D

  11. I am so so so so happy you all loved these as much as I did!

    Love you all!