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Jessica Stam for Harper's Bazaar

I love Jessica Stam's recent shoot for Harper's Bazaar (August '10), photographed by Alexi Lubomirski. I'm crazy about all the gorgeous colors and the overall feel of the Spanish influence. This shot is probably my favorite. The Louis Vuitton dress is so gorgeous, obviously, and I love the setting more than I can say. It's so elegant and romantic, like something from a different time in history.

I love all the different colors and patterns in this shot! It reminds you how infinite fashion is.

The way the matador's cape mirrors the shape of her dress is so inspired. And again, more amazing colors!

What do you ladies think? Are there any particular shots or pieces that strike your fancy?

Sources: FakingFashion, TheFashionSpot.


Kristin said...

What a gorgeous spread! I really love the b&w shot!

thelayeredpancake said...

oh this is a lovely shoot!! i love the red dresses especially the short last one. this spread has so much life in it.

minnja said...

So lovely, great !!!


Kiki said...

Love it, especially that first shot. I have a picture there, it's in Sevilla and Jen, it's where parts of SW epII's Naboo scenes were done... :)

Anonymous said...

odd, but i love the way girls in the photo look more than the model!

Jen said...

Oh-my-gorgeous. Waking up to a post like this is heaven. I had posted the first photo on our tumblr, but never saw the rest of the photos. They are incredibly gorgeous!

I think it's so cool that one of the Star Wars movies was shot here too!

Beautiful post!

Casee Marie said...

So glad you ladies liked the post!

@thelayeredpancake that's exactly what I thought! There's so much life and character and sizzle in this shoot. It's so fun and memorable. (:

modern viking vixen said...

beautiful spread. thanks for dropping by my blog :) welcome back anytime.




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