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NYFW: Anna Sui and Rodarte

While minimalism is always in style, you can't deny the appeal of the bold patterns and charming layers seen on the runways of Rodarte and Anna Sui. Two of my favorite names, I was eagerly anticipating both shows and neither of them disappointed me. Anna Sui's creations screamed Boho Cowgirl while the Mulleavy sisters maintained a more abstract bohemian vibe. They both showcased clashing prints, autumnal color palettes and relaxed shapes. I don't think my descriptions could ever do them justice so we'll just get to the pictures...

Of the many elements in Anna Sui's collection that I love: the shoes! There are so many different varieties of boots and sandals and heels. It makes each piece look even more original. I'm also crazy about the billowing sleeves she seemed partial to, as seen on the last two pieces.

These are some examples of how the pattern and color palette went from charmingly busy to a more mellow cream. It all gives me the illusion of autumn in spring, which I think is rather fascinating. I'm one who matches specific colors and tones to the seasons, but she proved that you don't have to!

The golden side of the Rodarte collection. There's so much to love. The first two looks are probably my favorite of the whole show. This Fashion Week has me obsessing over high-waisted trousers and I love the checkered pattern on those, especially. The second look has such a marvelous silhouette. I also love the models' hair in this show, with the super cute doll-like side part and barrette combo.

And then the blues came in and did their own amazing thing. Overall I was surprised at the simplicity of the collection; everything seemed so very wearable and that's not usually a word I associate with Rodarte. Their clothes are always like walking art to me and while these still had that feeling they were also easier to imagine for real wear. The best of both worlds?

I was also quite smitten with the presentation by Swedish label Odd Molly, but I haven't been able to find any pictures from that. Check back, hopefully I'll post about it over the weekend!


Jen said...

So beautiful!

I hadn't seen the photos from Anna Sui yet, so I'm very glad you posted them. The last picture on your first picture of the four outfits is my favorite (hopefully that made sense), and then I love the last two. They are so flowy, colorful and amazing. You're so right about the shoes too! I love that they're not all wearing the same heel like in so many other shows.

You chose quite a few of my favorites from Rodarte! I find the mix of different patterns so interesting. It definitely makes the outfit look like art.

Lindsey N. said...

I love the fourth picture from Anna Sui-it's slightly hard to see on my computer, but is that a cardigan or just one piece? I also love the billowy sleeves! And the Rodarte collection-*swoons*. Love Love LOVE. Thank you so much for posting the photos!

Lindsey Soup

BenchesandChandeliers said...

beautiful collections, as always. i especially love anna sui's.


Abi said...

I do love the mix of patterns and prints at both shows! Anna Sui's boho vibe definitely resounds with me.

Missy M said...

this is my kinda style!

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