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Anne Hathaway for US Vogue

I'm so excited about the November issue of US Vogue with gorgeous cover girl Anne Hathaway, shot by Mario Testino. Isn't the cover lovely? I think it's perfectly Vogue, regal and elegant. I couldn't pick just a few favorites from the accompanying editorial, so here it is in its entirety...

She looks so much like Holly Golightly in the last shot, doesn't she? I love the style of Mario Testino's photography here, and how decadent this shoot is. It compliments the extravagance of the gowns and jewelry so well.

What do you think? Are there any favorites here for you?

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Jen said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so excited about this issue! I love Ann and the photos she takes. These are absolutely stunning. She always looks so amazing dressed up, just like a Princess!


Specially on the last picture she is PERFECT!!

Toni. said...

I love Anne Hathway. She's going to be remembered as one of those timeless beauties, like Julia Roberts, Audrey Hepburn. Great Post.


Tasha said...

Anne looks so stunning! And what gorgeous dresses!

Heidi said...

Oh my, now I can't wait till this issue arrives in my mailbox! I have to say my favorites are the one she is wearing the white dress getting out of the car and the one where she is in the park with the dog. So cute!
I love her jewelry in the last picture! So glam. :)

Karen said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this editorial. Sure, doing an Audrey Hepburn inspired editorial isn't exactly ground breaking, but I think that Ann Hathaway really captures Audrey's presence in a way that most actresses who do this sort of thing don't. I can definitely get vibes of Audrey from Funny Face, Sabrina and Breakfast at Tiffany's in these various shots and I think it's fantastic.

Sweet said...

oh my...she is insanely beautiful...I became a fan of her ever since Princess Diaries hahahha!!!!

I love the first and last photo and the one where she is wearing the polka dot dress...

not so sure about the cover, I had to give a second look before recognizing it's really her...something in the angle made her look like...a bit of Evan Mendes I don't know...


thelayeredpancake said...

have to love her. she's possibly the only person who has come from starring in a kiddie chick flick to being nominated for the oscars.
i love all the shots.
i am so envious of all her clothes and jewellery and dogs!

annie said...

She looks so glamorous! I don't think that I've ever seen her look so pretty!

Gabrielle said...

I love Anne Hathaway! She looks like such a princess and so elegant in these photos. The first and last are so glamorous. The last does look like Holly!

Leia said...

Anne Hathaway is breahtaking, and so is this photoshoot :)



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