Friday Fame: Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike has gone from Bond girl to Bennet (Die Another Day, Pride and Prejudice) in her charmingly diverse film career. Last year she reunited with her Pride and Prejudice costar Carey Mulligan in An Education where Rosamund played a high-fashion socialite. (Oh my goodness, how gorgeous was she in that film?!) You may also have seen her opposite Johnny Depp in The Libertine back in 2004. Whoever she's playing, Rosamund always seems to exude a delicate grace that enchants the viewer.

I came across this photoshoot today and I think it captures just the sort of demure elegance of Rosamund. I love the softness of the neutral color palette and how one's attention seems to be instantly drawn to her gorgeous porcelain complexion. She looks like a china doll!

What do you think of Rosamund's look? And, out of curiosity, which of her films is your favorite (if you've seen any)?


  1. I think Rosamund Pike is a beautiful lady! I liked her most in Pride and Prejudice. I saw her in the Bond film, but didn't like her as much. I never saw The Libertine and most recently I saw her in Surrogates - eh that movie wasn't so great.

  2. Pride and Prejudice definitely. I loved An Education too but I don't like the character she plays in that. Yes, I get emotionally connected like that... haha.

  3. I loved her in An Education, and her style is just lovely.


  4. She is so so beautiful.

    I absolutely loved her in the Libertine. <3

  5. She is so gorgeous, makes me want to watch Pride and Prejudice again!

  6. Thanks for sharing! I love it!


  7. She is quite the elegant beauty!

  8. she is words can express how flawless and beautiful she is...extremely amazing!!!!

    she just takes my breath away...

    I haven't seen her films though but you know what I have learned a lot of great actresses that I have never bump into before...


  9. Oh my goodness, these photos of her are so perfect. I definitely agree with you about her looking like a China Doll!

    Wait, Carey Mulligan was in Pride and Prejudice? Am I missing something?

    Beautiful post!

  10. At first I didn't recognize her as the actress in Pride and Prejudice! LOL
    I really like her in that movie. I don't think I saw her in Die Another Day. She looks lovely in these pics!

  11. Totally loved her in Pride & Prejudice! I love her, she is just a naturally beautiful person.