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John Galliano Spring 2011 RTW

(These pictures are a bit bigger than what I usually post so I apologize if the post takes a little while to load. Trust me, it's worth it!)

John Galliano has the ability to bring art, theatre, history and fashion together to create some of the most spectacular and visually-astonishing collections the industry has ever seen. The runway becomes his stage - and a stage it certainly was at his Spring 2011 RTW show, which took place inside an opera house. That's the perfect setting for Galliano's work considering the element of drama and fantasy that comes with his name. Clothes become costumes at a Galliano show, and the fashion gurus surrounding the event become an audience. And with any good stage production comes the element that stops our hearts and causes our jaws to drop - the make-up!

I've come to expect only the most lavish and outstanding from Galliano, but the make-up at this show still managed to take my breath away. The richness and drama, the shapes created and the colors used! I was so inspired. Here are a few of the other make-up looks I loved...

This one is much simpler in comparison to some. The thin eyebrows, the smokey eyes, the dark lips all evoke such drama without overpowering her face. It looks theatrical, but real.

I'm crazy about the warmth to this look. The gold scarf and the gold "fairy dust" in her hair really add a bit of lightness to it, but the smokey eyes definitely demand attention. She looks like a painting (which plays exactly into Galliano's inspiration, but I'll get to that in a moment).

This one is so very Cirque du Soleil to me. The reds, golds, pinks, blues all playing up around her eyes pick up on the colorful little pieces of confetti scattered in her hair. I'm loving the touch of red on the lips, as well! And the skinny eyebrows evoke the clear imagine of a 1920s starlet.

While the hair and make-up were by far my favorite parts of the show, I want to include a few of my favorite looks in case anyone hasn't seen them. You have to see what all that above gorgeousness went along with!

Sizing these pictures down was such a crime, I have to say. Seeing them in full detail really does them the best credit. I thought Galliano's inspiration was quite fascinating and unique. His muse was a woman named Maria Lani; and to quote Galliano, "She had the charm to seduce fifty of the most incredible artists in the 1920s in Paris into portraying her on canvas, and she stole all the canvases, fled to Hollywood and no one every saw her again." Doesn't that just sound like something from an opera or a film? The clothes and make-up really seem to tell the story so well, of this glamorous drifter from an age long gone by.

You can view a great behind-the-scenes video here which includes the above quote from Galliano, snippets of interviews with the models, shots from the runway, etc. It gives you an even better insight into this amazing show. Do leave your thoughts on it - I'd love to know how the make-up inspires you and what you think of the overall presentation!


Jen said...

To me they all look like characters in a play, and I love that. It's so different from anything I've seen on the runway this year.

I like the gold bronze-e look the best. The colors are incredible. I sort of feel like the first two make the models look rather old, but the make-up work is still so intense.

I also love the wide variety of colors on the outfits. They look like costumes!

Great post. :)

Reyna♥ said...

Amazing photos!(:

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jen about the first two models' makeup looking odd. It fits though. I can really see the first one's makeup in those days on a woman who is maybe cunning or something like that.

This whole show produces a sort of feeling like it is a play, and you want to wonder at what each woman is thinking. I love the story of the Galliano's muse. That would make a lovely film.

mystreetsweets said...

wow amazing makeup here! I love John Galliano! love this post! xoxo

Closet Fashionista said...

That makeup is sooo cool!!! :D :D As are the looks :)

thelayeredpancake said...

i love galliano!

Leia said...

Wow, really striking images!


Vicki said...

amazing photos! so eccentric! :) x

Anonymous said...

I love these makeup looks, so dramatic and as you said quite wearable at the same time.
Every show by Galliano is such a great work of art, I love his designs.

Anonymous said...

These are so amazing, i love the attention to detail and the colours!
Makes me love make-up even more!


andrea k (blonde bedhead) said...

The make up is so stunning! Ties in well with the collection.


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