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Paris Fashion Week: Minimalists and Maxidresses

Some of the recent Spring Ready-to-Wear collections shown at Paris Fashion Week have been playing up the minimalism, and while I can very often be found in raptures over the Galliano and McQueen collections of the world I do have a soft spot for the minimalists as well. Am I the only one? Is it really something we have to choose, to be a minimalist or a maximumist? Like baseball fans in Boston and New York, must we commit to one team or the other? In my house, minimalists and maximumists are both appreciated. What are your thoughts, readers? Are you a minimalist, a maximumist, or both?

Hannah MacGibbon's designs are, to me, the most minimalist of the three collections I'm posting today. Her minimalism comes with a good deal of traditional class, I think. The black piece is fabulously classic. I love that the wrap shirt in the second look and the full skirt in the last offer a bit of character. Minimalism and character don't always walk the same path, but Hannah really fused them.

Eli Saab
Eli Saab's color palette was the most minimalistic element to the collection, in my opinion. And I love it; doesn't this just scream spring? The textures and accessories added quite a lot of detail, but it all comes down to the simplicity of the shapes and colors to me. The fourth look, that gorgeous peach maxi with the luxe sleeves, is my favorite of the collection.

Hérmes this season was very rodeo-meets-Mexico-meets-dressage-show, and I even felt a touch of African safari. (It actually struck me as having elements of both Robert Redford and Meryl Streep in Out of Africa. Can you see it?) The leather corsets, fringed shawls, structured bags all offered insights into different times and places and cultures. All this, with a gorgeous color palette, managed to still touch on minimalism. Have we talked about what a genius Jean-Paul Gaultier is yet?

I hope this post shows the kind of character and detail that can go into minimalism. If you were one who thought minimalism was boring before, what are your thoughts on these?

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mckenzietruman said...

I love everything! Especially Eli Saab.

Jen said...

I appreciate both ideas and looks equally.

I love how simple Chloe's line is. There is always a day in a woman's life where she needs to feel absolutely relaxed and comfortable in what she is wearing.

Eli Saab's collection was absolutely beautiful. I loved how the fabric flowed. Some of the pieces were very angelic.

I hadn't seen any of Hérmes until this post. I love the Safari feel!

Beautiful post.

Liz said...

Pretty, pretty! I wish I had some sheer luxe pieces like this!

Heather said...

I'm loving the long flowy sheer skirts for spring, I almost can't wait haha.

Karen said...

Minimalism isn't a look that I tend to be drawn towards (as you'll see in my post on Saturday), but I really love Eli Saab and think that the pieces you posted here are absolutely gorgeous.

Closet Fashionista said...

Sooo gorgeous!! I'm a minimalist, but I do love looking at the crazy stuff ;)

Kristin said...

I think anyone's wardrobe is more interesting if it's a mixed bag!

Leia said...

So beautiful!


thelayeredpancake said...

the third dress in the first set is so zorro!! i love it. i dont think there are any of these dresses that i am not in love with, but the peachy orange eli saab is like a modern fairytale.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of minimalism, and looks like these are more easily translated into our real life wardrobes. I love the 1st dress, the one-shoulder flowing gown. And the one shoulder silver gown with the bow from Eli Saab.

How did I miss this post?

Beautifully Invisible said...

I like both looks, although I gravitate more towards the maximumist aesthetic. I enjoyed the collection you highlighted here, especially the Eli Saab. I loved some of the pieces in that collection!


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