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Rachel McAdams for InStyle

Rachel McAdams is the cover girl for InStyle for November 2010 and did a photo shoot as well. I think the styling for the cover is really cute, modern and fresh faced, but it's the images inside that I adore. I LOVE the 1960's styling with those wing-tipped eyes and the dramatic up-do. I especially love that last dress, though if it were me, I'd hem it so that it fell at me knees instead of mid-calf.

Anyway, Just thought I'd share that you with you guys. What'd you think of the shoot?


Stefani said...

She looks great!love these pictures!And that long black dress-AMAZING!

Jen said...

I always love Rachel's shoots and I think she's such a fantastic actress. I had no idea she was goig to be featured in this issue! The photos are so lovely and glamorous. Thanks for sharing!

The October Issue said...

She looks stunning,I like the voluminous hair.I actually have this magazine.

Abi said...

I've always loved her! The spread is great. I like the lady-like loook and bouffant hair.

Heidi said...

She is one of my favorite actresses and she looks stunning in these photographs! I will have to pick this issue up! :)

ag. said...

Gosh, she's adorable! I love her and I love her looks in this shoot...hair, make up and clothing are fabulous!

Ans said...

It makes me feel like digging a hole and hiding in it, she is so beautiful and stylish!! Don't worry, I am only joking, my husband tells me I'am beautiful too, yeah right!!! Well, at least I have a good heart!!

Taryn said...

absolutely love these photos! that's the kind of makeup I love to rock on a regular basis and she carries it off so well

Sona said...

I love magazine shoots, all the people look sooo glamouros and elegant!
Thanks for sharing this one, she is really pretty:-)

Lots of love from http://queendom-of-fashion.blogspot.com/

jamie-lee said...

I think she looks beautiful - I love her, she is so stunning and always photographs so well x


annie said...

Her makeup is really pretty.

irina said...

thanks for your comm, love her, she's so beautiful!

thelayeredpancake said...

she is such a classic beauty. but i do like her red hair better.

Sara R said...

Hi JenMarie,
I know this is a super old post, but can you rummage through your magazine stash and find this particular issue and tell is who designed the emerald and diamond necklace Rachel is wearing on the cover of this edition?
Thanks so much.


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