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Shopping Trip!

Last week I went on an impromptu shopping trip. I was going to Selfridge's with the sole purpose of buying some cake mix and well... the picture below illustrates what I ended up bringing home with me. Whoops.

The city where I'm living right now, London, is home to some world class shopping and while I generally can't afford too much shopping (oh the woes of being a graduate student), every so often I am unable to resist the call of cute things. Thus on my way to the Food Hall at Selfridges, I ended up stopping by Accessorize (a FANTASTIC store that is in the UK and some cities in Europe that sells all kinds of accessories- earrings, scarves, purses, necklaces, wallets etc) and the cosmetics section of Selfridges where I was sucked into the OPI nail bar.

Gloves- £12 from Accessorize.

I LOVE these gloves. I wanted gloves that were different than just your basic black gloves, but still classy, and I think these suit the bill. These gloves are a nice, deep purple, so it's a little more interesting than your basic black but not distractingly so. It's hard to see in this picture, but there is a little bit of houndstooth lining the inside of these gloves which was a nice touch. And of course, I ADORE the little bows along the side.

Earrings- £6 from Accessorize

This was a really great buy for me. I actually really needed a bunch of studs because I only brought my more fun earrings over with me from the States, but I can't be wearing huge earrings all the time! So these sets worked out to cost me roughly £2 per pair which was great.

Nail Polish - £10 from Selfridges

I have a major weakness for OPI nail polish, so I was incredibly happy to find a seller here in the UK. Unfortunately it's more expensive than what I'd play in the US, but I couldn't resist this color. It's called "Plugged-in Plum" and it is absolutely gorgeous. It's a lovely shad of purple, but it's not flat like my other purples are; this shade has a pearly effect to it.


Heidi said...

Great finds! We sell similar gloves where I work- I am sure you would love them! :)

Jen said...

Great post Karen! The gloves are absolutely darling and I really love the color of the nail polish!

jamie-lee said...

It's so easy to do that don't you think! I love the new nail polish x


Petite Annabel said...

Opi nail polish is the best, love all their colours! xx

Missy said...

oh i adore those gloves! i always end up loosing one glove thougha dn it would be a shame to loose those ones!

Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

20 York Street said...

The gloves are beautiful, great buy really!

p.s. I think I have the same OPI polish!



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m.fay said...

those gloves are darling!!!


Madeline said...

cute cute cute gloves!

ellevictoire said...

i'm loving the gloves! they look so soft. i think i definitely need to get some for winter :)

Kristin said...

That polish is SO gorgeous. Love love love the color!

Delance Fashion said...

Aww cute gloves, love the bows on them :D


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