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Alanna Bess Jewelry

The other day I discovered this amazing jewelry by luxury designer Alanna Bess and I was completely blown away. She creates the most raw, exquisitely natural looking pieces all with strong metals and vibrantly colored stones. I think what caught my eye first was the shapes of the stones. The unique shapes, combined with the eye-catching colors makes for some very show-stopping statement jewelry. Check out a few of my favorites found on CoutureCandy.com...

Alanna Bess Raw Jasper Ring, $208.60, CoutureCandy
This ring is the perfect example of the shapes I was talking about. How revolutionary it looks, a raw cut crystal held so daintily on the gold bands. It's such a great fusion of textures, not to mention a striking contrast of color, and all of the combined elements make for quite a timeless piece.

Alanna Bess Circle Chalcedony Necklace $96, CoutureCandy
I love the sprinkled, gravely gold on this pendant. It seems to combine the utmost glamor with an earthy, natural element much in the same way as the ring above, but while somehow maintaining a completely different look. I love how original each piece is!

You can learn more about Alanna and her work at AlannaBess.com. What do you think of this bling and, for the sake of curiosity, how would you wear it?


Kayla said...

I love the natural look and feel of all this jewelry. I have to look into it!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Jen said...

These are beautiful! They remind me of something maybe a more modern-day Cleopatra would wear.

Jen said...
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Tasha said...

I love that gold necklace! So stunning! Looks like she has amazing pieces!

Asteria said...

I love that ring!statement rings are my thing LOL
funny how this reminds me of my recent fooling around with a piece of silver that I've now called 'the blob' (cause the shape and patterns reminds me of a blob) and is sitting nicely on my finger most days :)

Heidi said...

Such nice jewelry! Very pretty. :)

Catherine Au Jong said...

Thanks for the comment
These are really pretty jewelries!


m.fay said...

add this to my christmas list! great find, doll.

amateur couture

hope life is grand.

jamie-lee said...

oh wow this jewellery is beautiful, I especially love that circle pendant. it reminds me of the rocks i used to collect as a kid!



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