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baubles and bows

Today I decided to play around with some of my newest accessories.  Both are from Forever 21, and they're actually some of the first things I've gotten from the brand. (I know, I'm the last person in the world to be Forever 21'd.) Anyway, here's what I'm wearing...

Satin Grosgrain Headband, $1.50

This headband was such a steal. I absolutely love the bow - it's big enough to make a statement, but it also lays flat to the head, which I love. I've tried headbands with bows before and the bow either gets lost in my massive amounts of hair or it sticks out and looks a little too floppy. This one is perfect for me!

Peacock Polished Earrings, $5.80

Peacocks! I don't have any chandelier earrings and when I saw these I thought they were an incredibly fun, incredibly quirky take on the style.  I mean, why have regular chandeliers when you can have peacocks?

I'm going to be enjoying these for a long time. Have you purchased any fun accessories lately?


thelayeredpancake said...

so pretty. it goes so well with your complexion..(do you get what i am saying? maybe not...yes i am saying your headband looks great with your skin-tone. one point for weirdness)
is that liquid eyeliner i see? lovely eye make-up

Jen said...

The headband and peacock earrings look so spectacular on you! Loving this post <3

gangsterpixiestyle said...

love the earrings!!! sooo cute!

Heather said...

Both are super cute!
xoxo Heather

Heidi said...

The bow headband is so cute! I have been eying some scarves - waiting to get paid this Friday! :)

Gabrielle said...

I love both the headband and the peacock earrings! You look so cute and feminine with the headband! I just love bows!


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