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Carrie Underwood's CMA Costumery

As co-host of the 44th annual Country Music Association Awards last night Carrie Underwood dazzled through a plethora of costume changes. I loved most of what she wore and thought I'd share the full collection. I missed the beginning of the show, so I hope I'm covering everything in this post. It seemed like every time she came on stage she had a new dress on!

Carrie opened the show performing with Keith Urban and co-host Brad Paisley (pictured, respectively). I love the pop of red in the shoes. I couldn't find a closer picture of the jacket, but it looks quite structured and edgy while at the same time boasting a lot of glitz. Quite fun!

This was probably my least favorite of her looks for the night, but I still think she managed it well. The shoulder ruffle would have been too much on most people, but I think she proved that confidence is key to making anything work.

This reminds me a lot of William Tempest, but I'm not sure whose design it is. I actually didn't recognize any of the gowns she wore. It's an onslaught of ruffles, but again I think she made it work quite well. And I love the color!

I thought this gown was lovely. It's got so much glam going on. I wasn't sure how I liked the underskirt being darker, but it's really rather unique. Most of the time I think of the overlaying skirt as being the darkest material and the tulle beneath popping in white or silver. This was extremely luxe and rich.

I think this is the most Carrie-esque of the looks. It's sweet, cheerful and romantic which seems to suit her personality perfectly.

And last but not least, my favorite of the night. I love this dress! The color is unexpected and fun, and I really like the cut of it. It's beautiful, but not too ornate. Sometimes at country music events it's really odd to see the women in big gowns while the men are wearing jeans and cowboy hats. This dress seemed to fit the setting wonderfully and it even felt like a throwback to the style of female country artists years ago.

What did you think of Carrie's costumery at the CMAs? Any favorites?


Jen said...

Oh my goodness, I've never seen anyone change so much! She really pulls off every look doesn't she? I love all the different colors and galmorous looks. I can't pick a favorite!

gangsterpixiestyle said...

so pretty!

Closet Fashionista said...

GORGEOUS!!! I think the purple is my favorite :D

sylvie said...

ohhh, that marigold number is DIVINE all the way around. carrie has traveled a long fashion road since her days as an american idol, and i love how her style evolves every time :)
sylvie of silver lining

Heidi said...

She does have a unique, fun style! My favorite is the last one as well. I don't know about the purple gown, I think it was a bit too much for the CMA's in my opinion. It was gorgeous though!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

She is one of my all time faves. Her style is feminine and flawless...and never showing too much skin.

The second to last is AMAZING!! Haappy Friday friend!

Sweet said...

I haven't seen the awards show but looking at these photos...I am really happy with all her outfits...sometimes she is so lame in dressing up but this one is a great HIT!!!


Lena said...

beautiful dress:).... especially the first


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