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Friday Fame: Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham is one of my favorite current personalities in television and film. She has the ability to master both comedic and dramatic performances, never letting herself fall into any acting stereotypes.  She can be seen on the hit ABC series Parenthood, but perhaps her most memorable role was as Lorelai Gilmore on the charming mother-daughter dramedy Gilmore Girls. I love her sharp-tongued wit and sparkling personality, and her style is nothing short of fabulous.

I'm so crazy about the pale blue of this Diane von Furstenberg dress with her complexion and hair color. And it really brings out the striking blue in her eyes!

She has changed her hair plenty of times, from stunning waves to this sleek, straight look. If my hair weren't so naturally and unstoppably straight I'd do this all the time!

Besides being beautiful and a vastly talented actress, Lauren is a charming, witty, free-spirited women who always seems to live her life with hope and positivity. She's inspiring, stylish and flat-out fun. What's not to love?

Are you a fan of Lauren? Let us know if there's a stylish lady or favorite designer that you'd like to see us feature on Friday Fame!


Reyna♥ said...

Aw, I really like her style! (:

Gabrielle said...

She always makes me smile :) I loved her in Because I Said So.

Jen said...

The blue dress is so beautiful on her and it definitely makes her eyes pop!

I can't believe how much the different hairstyles change her look. I really like it straight!

jamie-lee said...

I think she's gorgeous, always loved her in Gilmore Girls. She looks so beautiful with the waves in her hair too! x


Heidi said...

I have only seen her on Gilmore Girls and she always had a cute style on the show! :)

thelayeredpancake said...

oh! i love her!! she's so so funny...you should find a ellen interview with her on youtube, its great.
although i never quite got used to the fast choppy dialogues in gilmore girls, i always like her the best.

simplecupoftea said...

I love her. Gilmore Girls is still one of my favourite tv shows :)

Meredith said...

definitely a fan!

Missy said...

love that skirt!

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m.fay said...

she is a true beauty. my favorite source of inspiration: Brigitte Bardot (always!)



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