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Gossip Girl Fashion: Blair

I can't in good conscience actually recommend that you watch Gossip Girlbecause the plots are ridiculous and it is morally dubious at best. BUT since it is a show all about rich people living in New York, there is some fantastic fashion that I thought I'd share. Each of the main female character has her own unique style, and my personal favorite is Blair who tends to favor a more classic and preppy style that still manages to look youthful.

The main reason I'm posting this look is for the patterned tights. I LOVE THEM. I actually haven't had the guts to buy a pair to wear yet because I really am not a big skirt or dress person, but I love the way that they look.

As I've said before in previous posts, I love tweed! I absolutely adore the way that tweed is used in this suit. It's a nice deep green which makes it looks fresh and modern and the blouse underneath it contributes to the feminine and youthful look. What a great way to reimagine tweed!

I think this is an absolutely adorable look. I am a huge fan of using patterns. I especially love it when different patterns are paired together and I think the structured look of the top is super cute.

This is a classic Blair look: blazer, stylish blouse and a skirt. But I'm mostly posting this look because I really love the necklace which is a key pendant on a string of pearls.

Blair also has the most gorgeous gowns. I think this red is absolutely stunning on her, and it's perfectly accessorized with the clutch in the slightly different shade of red and that lovely necklace.

I love this classic black and white polka dot dress! I especially like the sash around the waist. It helps to give the waist more definition and provides a visual break from all of the polkadots without actually using a different fabric.


Reyna♥ said...

I completely love her style! (:

Smarla said...

i stopped watching gossip girl! but anyway, i love the last dress, the polka dotted one.

Heidi said...

Blair looks adorable in these outfits! I never have watched Gossip Girl but I have heard it is quite intense.

thelayeredpancake said...

morally dubious?? haha.
ridiculous maybe, but that show provides me much needed amusement and eye candy (all hail chuck bass!). but i guess i am morally dubious too...
i love Queen B, she's one of the greatest characters on tv and oh man the clothes.

desquval said...


We loved your post on Blair! We actually just interviewed Gossip Girl's ghost designer, Abigail Lorick and wanted to pass it on in case you're interested! We love your blog and think it's pretty up your ally. Good luck with all your future work!!

Casee Marie said...

That tweed suit is amazing, and I love the fourth look as well. I can't imagine being on that show and getting paid to wear so many gorgeous designer clothes.

jamie-lee said...

I have to say that I adore watching gossip girl for the fashions, as well as the nauseating but addictive plot.

Blair is always so well put together, I adore all the blouses she wears! x


Karen said...

thelayeredpancake - I didn't mean to imply at all that anyone who watches the show is morally dubious (haha, I mean, I watch it myself), but rather that I couldn't recommend this show as a great thing to watch, seeing as the characters aren't exactly paragons of moral virtue. It's a fun show to be sure, but not something I would get life lessons from.

desquval - Thanks for the link! I will definitely be checking that interview out. The show has such amazing fashion.

Abi said...

The show definitely has some great styling. Love Blair's as well. Gorgeous tweed suit!


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