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Cozy Hats!

I'm a Southern California girl, born and raised, so when my new city of residence, London, had a bit of a cold spell last week (never got above freezing!), I was completely unprepared for the necessity of a hat. Thus, this weekend I went on a mission to buy a hat at one of my favorite stores, Accessorize. I tried on quite a few and I thought I'd share my favorites.

Button Detail Contrast Check Baker Boy (Now £19.00 apx US $29.97) - I thought this was an ADORABLE hat. Unfortunately, I just really didn't think that it worked on my head shape, so it was a no go.

Basketweave Baggy Beanie (Now £16.00 apx US $25.24) - I actually ended up buying this one. The navy is a great color on me and it's so soft! I also just think that the bauble on top is adorable.

Cable & Bobble Faux Fur Trim Chullo (Now £18.00 apx US $28.39) - I didn't end up buying this one, but I do like the style of hats with the ear flaps. They seem like they'd be so nice and cozy, and I just think it's a really cute look.

Pink Bobble Hat (Now £14.00 (apx US $22.08) - This is the other hat that I bought. I'm a fan of the beanie style and the baubles, in case you couldn't tell. I just really thought that this dusty rose color looks nice against my brown hair.

So it's official. I have been converted. I am now a fan of hats. What about you guys? Hats: yea or nay? Are there any particular styles that you enjoy?


Reyna @fashionmist♥ said...

These are all very cute! xx

Heidi said...

So very cute! Love all of them, especially the last one! :)

Blowraspberry said...

love the Cable & Bobble Faux Fur Trim Chullo and Pink Bobble Hat. so lovely!!


Stefany said...

they are all so cute! I especially love the 2nd and 3rd ones. =]


jamie-lee said...

loving these bobble hats, sooo cute! x



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