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Fashion Finds: Lace

Fashion Finds

Some of you may already know from previous items I've shared with you that I'm very obsessed with lace. I love the delicate detail of the different patterns in lace, and how beautiful it makes you feel when wearing it. Lace is definitely one of the most feminine fabrics, and I think that's one of the reasons why so many of us love it as much as we do.

Over the weekend I found more than a handful of items that I thought many of you would like. I really appreciate how lace has been incorporated into so many different fashion items like hair accessories, bags, shoes and even things we don't wear on our bodies like home furnishings! Hopefully you will find something you like amongst these lovely items. Let me know what you like and if there are any pieces you've found recently that you just have to share!

Black/Pink Lace Bandeau Dress - Dorothy Perkins - £34.00
There aren't many things better than black lace and a soft pink color.

Lace the Morning Blazer - ModCloth - $84.99
The perfect piece for looking both sophisticated and feminine.

Lace Ballet Flat - White House Black Market - $39.99
Two words: Simply Adorable

Kimchi Blue Lace Trim Zip Back Tank Top
- Urban Outfitters - $19.99
I told you, I have a think for black lace and pink...

Nude Sequin Lace Skinny Scarf - Dorothy Perkins - $£12.00
A nude color, lace and sequins. There aren't many scarves that are better.

Lily Lace Taupe Beaded Purse - Ruche - $78.99
It's pricey but amazing. Who wouldn't want an all lace bag to carry around?
(Also comes in a Taupe color)

Black Lace Belt - Forever 21 - $6.80
The combintation of the lace and corset tie reminds me so much of a Pirate.

Prosper in Lace Black Tulle Skirt - Ruche - $34.99
I can just imagine the gentle movement of the skirt while walking...
(Also see the Coffee Liqueur Skirt from ModCloth)

Teal Floral Border Lace Tunic - Dorothy Perkins - £29.50
I love the color, delicate detail, and the rounded sleeves.

Lattice Lace Jewelry Hook - Urban Outfitters - $19.00
This cute wall-mounting jewelry stand has 7 hooks for some of your favorite treasures.

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Stefany said...

the lace blazer and teal dress = LOVE! i love all things lace too. =]


Beautifully Invisible said...

Wow, I was sure that first dress was from ModCloth! So pretty. I love lace but don't wear much of it... that scarf would be a great place to start!

Anonymous said...

I would wear that teal dress in a heartbeat! Along with the belt!

Megan said...

I am loving all of these, I really don't think lace ever goes out of style....


Tasha said...

Oh goodness!! There are so many cute things featured here!

I love the urban outfitters tank, the beaded purse, and the teal floral border lace tunic! Amazing!

Heidi said...

I love lace! I would wear everything here- great selection! :)

Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh pretty! I like the tan top :)

Sweet said...

who said I do not like laces??? I love them...they are the most sexy and classic way of styling up and outfit...and if you want to look fab...lace is the way to go!!!

I love the dress and the blazer..


Genny said...

I am in love with that jewelry hook!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

More great finds girl!
That jewelry hook is gorgeous!
Hope you are having a great week!

Taryn said...

I'm a total lace addict and these pieces are gorgeous. I'm in love with the first dress

Francesca said...

hay :) i just saw your link in IFB so i decided to drop by :) nice blog you have here. have a fabulous day/night!

F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) xx

santiago said...

Never though that black would be really beautiful! thanks for giving me a heads up. Also, I would love to see more pictures and updates from your blog.


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